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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

How I Style: EN BEE inspired shoes.

How I style: New Balance Shoes~

so few weeks back, i bought a new pair of shoes, the New Balance Inspired Shoes.
& i post a picture on instagram stating i got these new babies,
many of you me to do a 'how i style' post on it, so here it goes~

i got these maroon new balance inspired shoes off an instashop!

very casual look with these kicks, 
simple & chill outfit~
top- dad's
shorts- bugis street
bag- bkk
shades- shopunk

another pretty slack outfit with the shoes,
the shoes add a little more sporty touch to the whole look,
& did i tell you how comfortable the shoes are? SUPER COMFY!
top- basics
shorts-bugis street
cardigan- FOX (bf's)
cat ear headband-belluvos

who says you can only wear sports shoes/trainers with shorts?
pair them with a skater skirt & still look pretty fine!
top- bkk
skirt- flea
cardigan- FOX (bf's)
gold chain necklace- cotton on

basically this outfit is pretty sporty,
cos of the shoes (obviously) & the skorts (that looks like a tennis skirt/skorts)
top- bkk (bf's)
skorts- bkk
denim jacket- bkk
rubber duckie necklace- bkk

& yeapp! feeling more conservative?
pair 'em with jeans!
both skinny jeans or bf jeans are fine!
but i prefer skinny jeans with these shoes!
this look is more 'street style'.
top- bkk
bf jeans- bkk
bag- bugis street
shades- talisman's


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