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Monday, December 16, 2013

holidays like finally?!?!

semester 2 is halfway done!
holidays~~ WHEEEEEEEE!

wolf muscle tank- bkk (bf's)
shorts- bugis street
Oversized vest- flea
jelly sandals-instashop
cheetah necklace- Hurs

top- flea
shorts- flea
outerwear- instashop
sandals- zara
gold chain necklace- cotton on

 top- bkk
skorts- bkk
shoes- instashop
bag- unravvel
necklace- scape underground
sweater top- flea
gold belt- flea (jiayu's)
bandage skirt- FEP
gold chain- cotton on
fedora hat- xccelerate
shades- talisman's
dr. martens

white turtle neck top- new look
skorts- bkk
denim jacket- bkk
cheetah necklace- Hurs
bag- bugis street
sandals- zara

polka dot top- bkk
zara skorts- instashop
grey outerwear- instashop
gold chain- cotton on
dr. martens

so on tuesday, 
we had presentation, 
explaining why my ootd was mostly from flea markets
bcos of our theme of our assignment!

& after school, i went to jo's place bcos OUR SHOES ARRIVED!

my chio JC Purvis!


super cute plaster given by solestruck! *came tgt with the shoes! (: 

& yes, other packages in this picture too!
*will do a haul video soon, hehe*

*can you spot like food at the side of my lips? hahahha*

Thursday, i was late for sch, so my sis offered to send me to sch!
*hence, i don't need to spend money on cab again*
**only later did i know that, "can be late for class today, cos we just need to submit work jiu ok le"**

we friggin' submitted our assignments!!

18 chefs for dinner // for our mini celebration!

& starbucks, to chill & all!

mummy & i went to visit my favourite woman on earth, my grandma, 
just nice the day before i kept telling my boy how much i miss my grandma
& honestly, it's been a long time since i saw her,
sorry mama, ):
no matter what i will always love you,

& remember those days i helped you to pluck the black parts of the taogeh,
& you always cooking good food for me & zhaoyi,
standing beside you while you cook maggi mee, & i'll help you stir when you're washing the dishes.
when me & bro fight, you will always support me.
*normally grandma will like dote on their grandson more, but in my case, i felt so loved by you!*

went to meet my boy for awhile (we hvnt met for like 5days!) <3

after that, mini celebration with my bffs
Dined at Justacia~
(wanted to eat at sweechoon, but they were so afraid to go near little india, so... yeap)

c'mon, we love to be silly tgt, don't we? ♥♥♥

went over to charlene's place to help her out, 
look at mr. cutie!!

& done my nails!
(nail foils! hahaha i hope i was this pro to paint them on myself :/ )

so as seen above, i got my first JC shoes,
& yes! jo & i did a shoes unboxing video!
so watch it!


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