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Monday, December 9, 2013

weekly update x flea x 2 years

Post full of pictures!
*best viewed on computer

top- taobao
pj pants- cotton on
headband- diy/tiedye
shades- talisman's
jelly sandals- instashop

sweater- flea market
dress/skirt- scape underground
headband- diy/tiedye
necklace- shop selcouth
knee high socks- daiso
creepers- instashop

pants- *thrifted
necklace- bkk
shades- talisman's
flatforms- scape underground
bag- bugis street

crop tank top- *idk i just found it in my closet*
denim skater skirt- blogshop
flannel- bf's
cap- kittykon
skeleton hand necklace- scape underground
NB shoes- instashop

top- bkk (bf's)
denim skirt- bkk
totebag- bkk
jelly sandals- instashop

maroon crop top- topshop (gift from xian)
zara skorts- instashop
gold chain necklace- cotton on (gift from charm)
shades- talisman's
sandals- zara

top- bugis street (gift from xian)
shorts- flea market
sandals- zara
totebag- bkk


had really bad cramps that day ):

donut + knits + jolyn + rongrong = feel so much better <3


coincidentally all of us wore like monochrome except from the BLUES on the left :P

after school, rongrong, jiayu & i headed down to town cos rr wanted to see shoes!
& we ended up roaming around town~
i suggested us to have krispy kreme (for tea break) cos rr hvnt tried it before,

& she absolutely love it!

we went daiso to get some yarns for our assignments
& i got the shock of the day, 
i was talking to them about stuff & i turn in front, i screamed "ah!!!"
cos i saw charm.. HHAHAHA
& her mum got shocked :P
"sorry aunty!"
such a coincidence!

we had our 2nd tea break! 
or should i say... coffee break~~~

. chitchat . drink coffee . knitting .

cranberry white chocolate mocha frappechino~
*i've always & only drank mocha frappe, 
finally i've found smth as nice!
i just love mochas so muchhhh <3

&finally we went to see her shoes (purpose of going to town/ 7pm alr!)



so... rongrong decided to do this to me.
i think i have potential to be GD-wannabe or smth.
tomago sushi hair & this too?!?!

check out my ugly roots ):


i had my friggin' french test that i didn't have time to study for, whateffs.

after test, went down to rivervale mall met up with charm 
& headed down to daiso to get some stuff for the flea the next day!

've been asking my sis to help me bleach my roots like for ever,
& yey, finally she helped me~

It was Swap & Shop VI flea!
woke up pretty early & cab down to JCube!
don't know how to explain how friggin' heavy my stuff were!

when i reached, 
i was so happy that my booth was near the entrance of the lift!
end up we realise that shoppers come up by escalator & not by lift. -.-
& just nice Jac bought a booth & was coincidentally beside mine only! 
so we were somehow "combined"!

& thank ginegine for the breakfast treat <3

with my favourite PEANUT-butter-jelly-sandwich-giraffe-hellokitty-we-are-retarded!

it was pretty cute how the other booth's shop 'owners' photobombed this photo,
hey! but we look like its all planned/natural! 

Auntie Yeo using the electronic fan i brought from home (barely produced any wind)

& my TWO and ONLY bffs came to help me out too <3

groupshot with my 'flea invaders'!
regine / jiayu / jaq / rong / jinyee / charm!

always so nice seeing rchlwngx <3
fangirl mode turned on every time i see her ^^!
had fun talking to her & her bf about the pricing etc, so friendly (:

& a really sweet girl came down to my booth, say hi & gave me this drink!
*knowing that the weather was being a biaatch*
i'm really so touched dear!
thank you once again Ilisia! (:
really nice seeing you!

Thanks Jovelle for coming to my booth & say hi!
really very happy seeing you! (':

& really glad to see many familiar faces, but didn't really say hi though,
cos everyone look so good & it was intimidating!!!!!! 

this was how we end of the day *bag still full*
cos we didn't know where the charity box was ):

took mrt down to NEX, 
this is my super shag face, 
by then my arm started hurting alr! #$@!^&^%$#

we had korean cuisine for dinner! 

by the time i reach home, i almost died.
right arm almost dropped off.. )':

bought 2 items from the flea, cos i didn't had much sales at my booth ):
so many pretty stuff going for really cheap prices, but still not much sales!
me being me, went to weight the bag that cause my hand to ache so much was bloody 12kg+ 
(when I'm back home)


2 years ago, smth magical happened. hahhaha 
shall go in details in another post about my r/s with him!
had Astons for lunch/dinner

& watch Homefront~

& he studied for his exams while i do my knitting~

& window shopping~

& home. 

what do you all expect for a typical date like that?


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