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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

light blue.

turtle neck top- FEP
flannel- bf's
shorts- f21
shoes- instashop
bag- bkk

shift dress- Gustobelle
bag- bkk
shoes- instashop

turtleneck top- FEP
shorts- F21
outerwear- instashop
shades- talisman's

beanie- daiso
specs- statementmuse
necklace- rackspaceproject
crop tank- taobao
flannel- dad's
shorts- bugis street
jelly sandals- instashop

top- instashop
skirt- msia
outerwear- instashop
bag- bugis street
Dr. Martens

tie dye top- school/DIY
leather jacket- xccelerate
gold plate belt- flea (jiayu)
skater skirt- flea
Dr. Martens


monday- wednesday morning i was in msia with my bf & his family!
will do an individual post on that soon! (:

wednesday night,
charm & i met up for dinner 
&decided to settle for shabu sushi cos she was craving for it!
& Baskin Robbins after that hehe!

spent 3 hours plus in town alone to get christmas gift & window shopping
while waiting for my boy to meet me for a movie date!
we watch 47 roning, i like it!
hahaha it was pretty ok~

i stayed home & bake chocolate chip cookie dough & brownies!
ohyes, i did some grocery shopping with my mum to get ingredients!
bought extra stuff cos i can :P

night time, i went down to my boys place (he was working)
& he said that he wants the brownie (but we aren't gonna meet till wed)
*so i wanted to give him a surprise when he reach home!*
i placed a container with brownies & cookie dough inside!
[my boy love it so much! so happy!! hehe]

i went out to get some box dye & self dye my hair!
*i used 3 boxes*

however cos i did it myself, it was pretty uneven ):
but who cares~~

outing with my bff<3
always love going out with them (':

had 18 chefs for our early dinner & watched...
i have to say it pretty nice!
at first they kept wanting to watch it, but i hesitated cos its... cartoon (I'm not against cartoon) but.. idk!

love the 'city lights' at the back

*retarded charm that doesn't like to smile in photos
dont scold me.. hahahha!

i had to post this pic, just look at my 'creepy face'!

so we went to Japan, Tokyo to have neoprints taken!
we are friends for so long but we never took neoprints tgt before!

sorry for the late update guy, really busy this week!!! 


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