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Friday, December 27, 2013

Short Get-Away

as you all know,
last week,
i went Malaysia /batu pahat with my boy & his family to visit his grandma!

we headed down to msia by bus/public transport

 first meal in msia, home cook food by his granny! nom nom!

went & did some grocery shopping with the boy,
& i find this 'basket' super cute!
2 in 1! basket-trolley!

dinner was home cooked as well!
she fed us sooooo well (':

in the night, we went to get our hair done!
carine dyed her hair (it was stunning!)
& i didn't do anything much, just treatment!
(cheap cheap $$$$)

we went to get supper too!
& managed to connect wifi from where we were staying!
thanks Jd's uncle/aunty!

day 2, 
ahma at the back having her breakfast (:

we headed down to BP mall for some shopping~
check out how tiny the 'taxi' was!

we had donuts for teabrk!

bought 2 skirts!
the other nice stuff were over my budget, so yeah ):

got this super chic shift dress from 

& remember to quote 'cheriezeng' for free normal postage!

day 2 dinner!
the fish was uber good! so fresh!

& was super upset cos my boy asked me to come to msia with him, 
end up they game their way through the night ):
so pissed.

day 3, 
we went home!!!
ohyeah, i have to say that his grandma makes the best alarm clock
(we have to wake up early). hahaha
so cute (:

*cos i didn't want to bring so much stuff to msia,
i brought only these clothing & came up with a few looks!

really glad i came to msia with them to visit his granny,  (:
& thank you ahma for all the yummy yummy food!
& i have to say, i really gained weight!! haha


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