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Monday, January 6, 2014

1st update of the year!

wanted to do a throwback 2013 post, but i have some timing issue..
maybe next year? hahahah!

theres so many post to start drafting!
-christmas party
-new year's eve

have been really caught up with too much Korean shows,
first was the heirs & now WGM, finish watch 3 couples, currently watching my 4th couples!
& i reallyreally wish i can learn Korean so i don't have to keep looking for Eng. sub for the K shows i want to watch, so tiring/ waste of time!


top- thrifted
collarcandy- fleamarket
shorts- f21
shoes- xccelerate

top- flea
skirt- msia
gold chain necklace- cotton on
bag- bugis street
shoes- xccelerate
coat- instashop

silver chain necklace- bkk (gift from charm)
top- bkk
shorts- FEP
coat- instashop
shoes- instashop

top- gustobelle
skirt- bkk
gold chain necklace- cotton on

silver chain necklace- bkk (gift from charm)
top- bkk (gift from charm)
shorts- f21
denim jacket- bkk
sandals- zara
bag- bugis street

first day of school, & yey for new modules! sewing~~
my favourite!

after school, met up with my boy & dinz at the factory!

after school, went to chinatown for some fabric sourcing with my jelly sandal buddies!

went home after that to change up my clothes & went to charm's place!

yey for christmas present from charm! <3

check out my silly girls, too lazy to bring umbrella~

& off we go to meet the guys & count down!
shall do a proper post soon!

wednesday, i stayed home cos its holiday!
& i watched wgm the whole day!

thursday, i don't know what i did, haha

went sch for extra lessons & since i forgot to bring my sewing material, 
i stayed in class watching wgm, while the rest sew (':
jiayu kept saying my laughter was scary, sigh ):

after that, went to meet up my girls & had pizza hut for dinner!

 Saturday, stayed home & watch wgm & movie, hahah
didn't even touched my assignments!! :/

went to chinatown along to look for fabric swatches, 
& met up with my boy after that for late lunch & movie date!
the movie doesn't make sense, i really don't understand the story line..
"american hustle"

went to do some window shopping & he wanted to have dessert,
so we settle at Bricks 'n' Cubes cafe

the menus are so cool, go check it out yourself!

he was playing lego games on the iPad,
*they only got lego games*

will be back soon for the two delayed posts!!!

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