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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Squeegee Christmas

finally a super late post update on my christmas celebration with my lovely princesses<3
really enjoyed my christmas with them, 
we have known each other for like.. around 9 months
& some of us won't be in the same class next 'year'.
love you all <333

*pictures overload!*

so we did our bbq-grocery shopping at whitesands,

just us, 
chillin' at the busstop to wait for our ride~

we had our bbq/celebration at Jac's place!
check out the cutesy brownie Lina made!! >.^

& here our VIP/Guest-of-honour have arrived..

all of us start getting our hands dirty & prepared the food! 

& yeah, i was hungry, so i bought cup noodles to eat first :P

srsly loveloveloveeeee the bbq pit!
so hi-tech!

hey boys, 
looking for good housewives?
hey aunties, 
looking for good daughter-in-law??

Its time for chitchats & nom nom!!
so yeah, we were done with all the cooking/bbq-ing
*cos like normally bbq is like to cook all night long, 
but we manage to settle all the food before we start eating! wheeee!*


the prezs i've received <:

after all the blasting of music/ chitchat/ photo taking session/ eating,
its time for... skinny dipping!
nah jk. 

night swimming & drinking!

(i don't have curves/i'm fat, don't judge.)


when ginger meets yuki!
arghhhhh so cutiepie!

Presents i received from them!





-Jolyn (my secret santa, hehe)

thanks girls for making my christmas eve eve so wonderful!
mwahmwah! <3

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