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Friday, January 10, 2014

Hello 2014,

back with another overdued post!
how i celebrated my new year's eve!
In the late afternoon, i met up with my baby girls @ charm's place to chill.
& then we had our dinner at hougang with the boys! etc.
we were discussing where to go, 
one minute was at clarke quay, next we changed to punggol & in the end we settle for marina bay!
thanks Bryan for the tickets!

check out how damaged my hair is that i can actually tie knots!

The Wanted!

i look so weird here, my makeup at night. haha

so all the celebs came on stage for the countdown, 


*get ready your cameras everyone!*

Boomboom! happy new year  ^3^

Jinyee is our lucky girl this year! <3
(hope you find a bf! hahaha)
*New year resolution from me*

2nd kiss of the year, 
Our chubby baby <3
(hope you'll get good grades for you Os!)
*New year resolution from me*

So much love from my babies! 
(actually i 'forced' them to kiss me.. pfft)
I hope i can do well in my studies/relationships/EVERYTHING.
& please cherie, stop being such a lazy pig!
(Cant do anything with the weird bone structure cos i was the one holding on to the camera, sigh..)

& of cos my love, <3
sorry for always upsetting you with all sorts of stuff!
(i hope u do well in your studies/ workout more(like u wanted) &love me even more!!)

Wang Lee Hom!

*jy is so attracted by WLH! hahaha

after that, it was party time!

after that, some of us went to eat supper while the rest went back home!
enjoy my new year's eve with these company! <3


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