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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Goodbye 2013.

2013 was an okay year for me.
shall i go by months? (just read shanice blog & i think she organised it very well, so here's my go!)

-I got my O'level results & i was feeling ok about it, not Happy/satisfied, but just ok with it. 

-i started taking #OOTDs on a regular basis whenever possible *i think ppl get really annoyed cos every single day i post like ootds! sorry, its like a habit alr!*
-Also, my birthday was great, spending it with C2JET, & receiving whole loads of goodies from my boy! 
-made a new friend, started off really well.
-& first official valentines day with my boy!

- first time working in IT Show
- USS with my favourite people to celebrate Jy's birthday
- #Lastone270313 chalet!

- totally enjoyed my Freshman Orientation Workshop in TP! (sorry Qunox for not attending all the outings ): )
- Design Orientation Camp was great too!
-First day of school in TP, Design School, Apparel Design & Merchandising.
-great going-to-school buddy, chloe! miss the good old times..
- Meet a whole new lot of impt girls that came into my life, hi Squeegee girls, you know who you are~ 

- having my first sponsorship, 

- my first youtube video (everyday makeup routine) was up. *this video was the start of all the videos i have been doing, i got positive results, & thanks everyone, i will keep going on!!*
-haze period
-bff tag video
-first overseas trip with my boy! (msia)
- an incident happened, causing me to lose two of my close friend.. 

- working with two of my good friends, good pay, but it was only temporary ):

- BKK TRIP WITH MY SISTERS! #chansinbkk miss it so much! best holiday evaaaa~ 

- my boy's birthday, nope, this year he plan it all, so glad that he had the time of his life with all his friends around him, glad that he enjoyed himself (:
- worked sasa event with jy's friend, vivian, that ended up being my 5mins best friend, haha

-Went to watch the first fashion show experience in my life, fidé fw with my princesses
-being able to see Kenzo real life & also taking a picture with him (:
-& i went blonde!
-Halloween 2013 was a blast for my friends & i! 

-Took out my braces!!
- it was my 2 year anniversary of DATING with my boy!

- being able to kick that person off my life, & i felt really great, best decision of my life!
- one year anniversary in a r/s with my boy (:
- had my first flea with my favourite girls!
- owning my first pair of Jeffrey Campbell (Purvis)
- 2nd overseas trip with my boy & his family, being able to go & visit his favourite woman on earth (:
-Christmas was definitely a blast for us! (Squeegee)
-& ending it off with having fun during new year's eve/ ohya, it is also the first time celebrating it with my bffs!!

So many people to give thanks to..
my family: thank you for giving me a very happy & completed family, don't know what i will become without you guys, & also i hope my bro will do well for his Os this year & stop s-ing. this year, i will become a better person, a better daughter.

My boy: sorry for always making you "buey tahan" cos my attitude towards you are most of the time really bad, & always picking up a fight with you, this year, i will become a better girlfriend..

My bffs: hi babies, i know you guys will be reading this now, & charm this may become your favourite post alr, haha,
anyhow, thank you girls for always being there for me, even very late at night just to hear me whining about my life, just standing by me helped a lot! thank you girls for being my best friends, my lovers, my life. (eeeeekkks!) so glad to have you 2 in my life, meeting you girls is the best thing ever happened to me. being friends for over 4-5years alr, many ups & downs, but we are still here tgt as one! even its just a short meet up, its still one of the best memory tgt with you two.  Hahahahah!!! i will become a better friend this year, & no matter what girls, i'll always be there for you two too <3

My squeegee babies: thank you for making my first year of poly a blast, going to school feels so much better cos i know we can be as crazy as fuck in school (even though we always last min rush our work!!!)
to my peanut: thank you for always helping me take ootds, & always being a sweet little peanut to me, mwahmwah!

my friends: thank you for still being my friends. short & sweet, hope you guys know who you are. hahahah, <3

my readers: nopee! i didn't forget you guys that are reading this! thank you for always giving the support i needed, thank you for being interested in my blog/ my life/ my everything. please, live your life to the fullest, work hard for what you want in life & give thanks to people around you whenever you can. thank you! & also, i will try my ultimate best to update my blog/ YT & social medias as much as possible! <3

wish all of you will have a great ahead, 
"many things might not go the way you wanted, but .... *insert wise words here*"

this year, i will be more hardworking in updating my blog!
*will try my best!*


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