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Monday, January 20, 2014

small talk x updates x adv.

this week had been a really hectic week in school, sigh pie, but so glad the module will end next week!
more to come in the future!
since i've chose to be in this course, i will have to give it my all..

(from here on its about ADM, don't read if you're not interested)
my dad told me "if you want to go into these courses, you need to go all the way, you cannot εŠι€”θ€ŒεΊŸ (give up halfway), cos when you go into the industry, they will only choose the best of the best, the top! if you do it cos you have to do it, you won't do it well & why will they even want to choose you? they won't."
so Olevel results were out on monday, & i received many questions & emails about ADM,
no i'm not here to tell you all about my course (if you want to know you should have went to the openhouse to ask!!)
i'm here to tell you guys to make the right decision,
yes many of you might be interested in fashion, want to do some fashion sketch, you think it would be very easy, but no! its not that easy, my friends & i didn't know that this course consist of so much "extra" modules that has "no relation" to fashion.
i have a few classmates regretting coming to this course, & probably will be changing to another course after this sem. & this results in? waste of time, waste of energy & waste of money$$ (your parents money$$).

however, i did not regret coming to this course, cos since the first day i step into this course, i told myself i will leave this sch with a friggin' ADM diploma.
& during the semester break, we had this portfolio interview, & one of the lecturer asked me "have you regretted coming to this course?" & my answer was 'nope', after i gave her my answer, she actually told me "you better remember what you say today" *at that point of time, my mind was like "fuuuuuuu?!?!?! what have i got myself into?!" as in like, the way she put it make me feel like there's a long & tough route ahead for me.
but all in all, until now, i have never regretted & actually glad and very thankful that i was able to be in a course of my choice (what i wanted since sec 3) wheeeee!

& those who want to join ADM,
-please please please, don't join becos you think its "cool" - cos you will suffer in the end
-please join cos you're really interested & you see yourself doing it in the future (ya i know that you can change to other courses in university/ but would you want to waste time on smth you're not int in?)
-dont friggin waste your parents money.

NOTE: This is all from my point of view.  thats all!


back to updatessss~

collar top- bugis st
yellow pullover- dopestreet boutique
zara skorts- instashop
silver chain necklacae- gift from charm

turtleneck top- FEP
bf jeans- bkk
jelly sandals- instashop
necklace- mum's

maxi dress- TBM flea
leather jacket- xccelerate
fedora hat- xccelerate
studded flatforms- scape underground
silver chain necklace-gift from charm
necklace- bkk

top- gift from charm
denim skirt- bkk
cardigan- bkk
bag- h&m
shoes- xccelerate

black dress- bkk
denim jacket- bkk
gold chain necklace- gift from charm (cotton on)
gold plated belt- flea (jiayu)
bag- H&M

tube top- Malaysia
denim jacket- bkk
jeans- cityplaza
gold chain necklace- gift from charm (cotton on)
Dr. Martens

top- dopestreetboutique
shorts- bkk
leather jacket- xccelerate
bag- bkk
necklace- bkk

nothing much, just many assignments to finish up ):
& after class 3/4 of the princesses & i went to try the prosperity burger from mac!
wheeeeee! so yummy!

jd came to my school to 'fetch' me from sch,
he ate at mac first cos he was hungry.
*& i forgot we were still in sch, & i still feed him, share food with him like normal*

after that, he came my place to have dinner cooked by my mum!

we had this event that we have to dress in black & white (photo taking in sch) 
so my class planned to do that for a class photo!

& sadly, this is not my whole class 
(the boys got annoyed by us being so unorganised & went back to class :P )
(jo, jac & cheryl isn't in the picture as well)

3/4 of my princesses!

after that, we went to our usual sport to take pictures hahah

(ohya, y am i 'so short' here? cos i took our my shoes. :/)

jiayu told me that she likes to take photo with me is cos of the height difference.. whuuuut!?! haha!

after sch, 
rr & i went to have dinner at subway in sch~

& smth kinda bad happened to me when we left sch, thank god rongrong was still at sch,
bless me! thanks peanut <3!

stayed up really late just to finish these up!
really happy with 'em! (:

breakfast with my ladies!
breakfast deluxe, I'm a fatty hehe

it was our presentation day,

after sch, 
the girls & i went to Tampines mall to have their dinner!
&i left hallways to meet my boy!

bcos we finally hand in our assignment,
wanted to reward myself by meeting up with my boy & ikea dinner with him!

after french class, i went over to 'fetch' charm from work!
& met jinyee at nex for movie date~~
'the Legend of Hercules" was ok actually!

qt socks given by Belicia!
she knows that i loveeeeee giraffe <3
thanks bb!

went for a shoot for gustobelle's cny collection @ National museum! 

after that, i met up with jinyee at bugis & did some cny shopping! (:

(i think i look like some angmoh just finish grocery shopping, HAHAHA, ooops!)

bff socks!
cherie . jinyee . charm

i also bought three necklaces! (:

 brought food over to his place & waited for him to get ready to go for HIS cny shopping!

he end up not buying anything, & since it was rather late alr, 
i saw the sales going on at cine beside P.V.S
& decided to go in.
being a "very nice" bf, he offered to buy a pair for me! (:
but cos i don't want to be a "spoilt brat" i told him to get it for me as my birthday present 
[that is in 2 weeks time (3 feb)]

& he told me, since it was a birthday present, he will keep it until my birthday.
insert many sad face ):

so he went home & took this photo of the shoebox ):
sighpie... but i'm still happy! hehe

Gustobelle have their CNY collection up on their site now!

hurry go check 'em out before the items are gone!
*ohya, all the items are less than $20!
remember to quote "cheriezeng" for free normal postage!


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