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Monday, January 27, 2014

tip & tap.

Last week was a pretty pack week for me cos there were submissions due.
I really woke up & came to my senses when i had a word with my lecturer. Sigh..
top- d.majestique
jeans- bkk
outerwear- instashop
Dr. Martens

sweater- H&M
skirt- FEP
Ruber duckie necklace- bkk
yellow socks- bugis street
Jeffrey Campbell Purvis

gingham dress- Scape underground
denim outerwear- bkk
silver chain necklace- gift from charm

top- thrift shop
necklace- bkk
silver chain necklace- gift from charm

white top- carousell
denim skirt-Malaysia
socks- daiso
Jeffrey Campbell Purvis

top- bkk
bandage skirt- H&M
denim jacket- bkk
necklace- talisman's
sandals- Zara

floral top- gift from T & JY
Skirt- Bugis street
Leather jacket- xccelerate
silver chain necklace- gift form charm




 After school, my family & i celebrated my bro's birthday in advance at a lovely place!
will do a post up soon!

Last day on 9am-6pm classes!
submissions over, 
damn happy wheee!

(sorry for the bad photo)

made these skirts for my assignments, happy with how all turned out!

after school, my family & i went to my aunt's place for a reunion dinner! 
buffet was good! i didn't felt shy taking the food, i still went for more than 2 servings! fattychan! wheeeee!

with couz~

so as you can see, we are the same "BREED"

it was the first time i met bella, & she french kissed me alr?! lawlz


i made brunch for the family!

Went to town with charm to get some "cny goodies", 
H&M was having this event & there were free balloons, popcorn, photobooth etc. 
So those who know me, i really love taking pictures! 
So i kept pestering charm to go to the photobooth ASAP!

We went to scape to have our late lunch/early dinner, 
this new korean shop at scape level one, 
& i have to say i really love the korean ramen they served! 
So good! 

After some shopping, i went to bugis for more shopping! 
I srsly cant understand why wont ppl spend all the money in their wallet! 
I was broke at the end of the day! 
Wasnt really happy with my buys, 
cos its not up to my expectation );

New nails for CNY!
Editorial- Colour Club
Pizzazz - China Glaze


went out with my boy to town like every sunday! Got myself a furry top i wore today from topshop! great day with him.

will be back with another post soon! 

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