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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Chinese New Year '14 !

after a long hiatus,
i'm finally back with a post on how i spent my CNY this year!
this year's cny was rather great! cos my sister came back to spend it with us,
& the angbaos this year were super satisfying compared to the previous years $_$ !!

除夕 . eve
after school, i went to meet up with my sisters for a meal!
cos my erjie just reach sg,
we had some super good Sarawak Kolo Mee @ tampines~

after which, we headed home & i proceed on to my boys place for a mini meal made by his mum!
so nice to eat tgt with his family (:
after the short meal at his place,
i quickly rushed home cos my family & i have to go down to my dad's side family for reunion dinz!

the food here always gets me drooling, 
sadly i only eat such great home cook food once a year ):

with my siblings <3

what i wore~
cute little lion dance thingy, 
*while taking this photo, the kids were somehow "screaming" at me so that could have it back :/*
they were so amazed by my "Elsa-frozen" hair. hahh!

sweetie pies <3

Whats CNY/New year eve without some ban-luck?

除一 . day 1
mum made breakfast/lunch/brunch for the family!
it just feel so good sitting tgt as a family eating home-cooked food <3

after that, we all went to prepare ourselves for relative/house visiting!
this is our Outfit of day 1 of cny~
yess, my sisters & i went ahead for a more "traditional/oriental" feel for the first day!

first stop was to visit my grandma,

she does this "hand kisses" thing when we do it to her,
make us feel so close <3
love you 4eva mama

after visiting my dad's side's relatives, we went to my mum's side!!

can you spot the bakwa? 
yep, my bro put it there so that bella (dog) will look here! haha

happy CNY from my mum's side!

after all the visitings,
we went to Marche @ Somerset 313 for my birthday meal (:

除二 . day 2
This is our Outfit of day 2 of cny~

we went to our cousin's place for steamboat!
yes, my first steamboat of the year!
& its was so filling, yumyum!

After that, we headed home.
& we all had plans with our own friends,
xuanren's dad was kind enough to give me a ride to their place to bainian!
*thanks auntie & uncle! haha

varat, zhiqiang, trevor joined us at a later timing,
so glad to have them as my friends, my brothers. (:

we went to Jalan Kayu for prata~

thanks guys for giving me a ride home!

除三 . day 3

went to my godparents place for a mini gathering!

*act one taylor swift


that's about all for CNY celebration this year!
there's still like 5 more days of cny, who knows, i might update on this topic again?


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