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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Legal Birthday ^^

i'm finally Eighteen! (':

basically, i'm gonna share with you guys how i spent my birthday (3rd Febuary) !

2nd Feb (11.59pm)
was busy camwhoring with my siblings!

& exactly 12am, that is 3rd Feb,
jd called me, so i went in to my mum's room to talk on the phone with him,

after hanging up on the phone, i went the living room & all of a sudden, birthday song was being sung,
wheeee! cake quickly prepared by my sisters.
& yes, its kueh lapis.. hahha!

they gave me birthday kisses as well (:

3rd feb, it was a monday, so i had sch..
& only like a few people wished me happy birthday in school, rr, jiayu, jo, hn, jac.
thats all. i was pretty sad & heartbroken.
we all went home straight after school.
me being super sad that no one gives a fuck about my bday,
i cried, at my school's busstop.
& took the freaking wrong bus home ):
sigh, wasn't really thinking right ))))))):

went home to put down my stuff
& went out with jd to chinatown to have Korean BBQ for my bday meal!
charm, jinyee & xuanren joined us later~

varat & trevor joined us at a later timing,

after the meal, we went to jy's place for a BL session!
thanks guys for taking sometime out from you busy schedules to have a meal with me! (:

on 4th feb,
Jac decided to invite the princesses to her place to chill after submission,
some minor issue happened to my shoes, & i had to go & get a replacement slipper.
so jiayu, rr & i went to whitesands to get slippers & drinks for later on.
when we reached Jac's place,
she asked us to put our bags in the room, cos the living room look messy,
so ok... i went to put my bag in her room..

& taaadaaaa!

really happy with the surprise they prepared for me!
i was so touched,
"without sadness there won't be happiness" - Jiayu
hahaha but damn jek ak sia you all.. </3
haha love you guys!!

8th feb,
jd told me that we will be having a proper birthday celebration for me,
so skip first part (cos its nothing much)

we took the cab
Jd: 392 Havelock Rd
Uncle: old havelock road ah? 
Jd: ah erm, grand copthorne

(i didn't know where we were going, i don't even know what is grand copthorne.)
all i did was touch up my make up & we reached, 
didn't even look out the window to see where we were going
he asked me to close my eyes & blindfold myself with his jacket (that totally failed)
end up i just close my eyes.

he brought me up & when he open the door, i opened my eyes, 
C2JET girls, princesses were there! even xuanren, that brought us up.

the princesses went off early ):
but the fun didn't just stop there!
we ordered pizza, & started playing games after eating
& drink drunk drama. hahah!! 
but lots of fun, 

cute decorations that they girls + shawn & debbie (thanks again!) did!

& supper-breakfast @ around 6+ am 

thank you note:
(no i'm not going to say some emotional old grandmother story)

want to thank everyone that made an effort to come & celebrate my legal age,
& thank everyone for the wishes!

also, want to specially thank my princesses, my bffs, C2JET, JD & my bros for giving me a wonderful memory!

& thanks those who helped behind the scene but didn't show up cos of some reasons, 


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