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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

updates x DIY a way to fix broken lipstick

top- scape
denim skirt- bkk
necklaces- gift from xian / bkk
shades- shopunk

fedora hat- xccelerate
leather jacket- xccelerate
turtleneck- FEP
skirt- bugis street
bag- bkk
necklace- gift from tracy

top- gift from tracy
skorts- bkk
necklace- blogshop
bag- muji

tshirt- jd's
skirt- bugis street
golden plated belt- flea/jiayu
flannel- bro's
silver clutch- H&M
sandals- Juju
necklaces- gift from xian / bkk

bralet- flea
bag- bkk
necklace- gift from xian
flats- Newlook

on wednesday,
after school, went over to meet my girls to celebrate xian's belated bday!
k-session like we used to!

surprise for the birthday girl!
(& yes, we reused the banner from my bday..)

the birthday cake tasted so good that i ate 2 big slices :x
xuanren joined us at a later timing~

after k-ing, we went to justacia for dinner & the boys joined us as well!

thursday, (last day of school)
after school i went to collect something (you will know at my next post)
the crazy sun almost killed me! 
after that i went home & met up with my princesses!

this time was November 8 cafe.
the ambience was really nice, 
the deco was really great too.

people who knows me should know that I'm a crazy fan of brownies (with vanilla Icecream)
so i ordered it the moment i saw it on the menu
(at first i didn't saw it at the menu & wanted to order some waffle with IC, but i manage to find it!!)

their brownies are crazy big portion & the taste was damn rich, 
it was really good with the ice-cream!
but once our ice-cream was finish,
we get sick of it ): 
(but still good!)

my 'ootd' 
(trying to look very egggcited that school's out for 2 months,
but i guess its not working ): )

grp shot with my babies~

new shoes from ASOS!
juju & newlook.

it was charm's bday!
will do a individual post on this cos there are many pictures!

went to the ThreeBlindMice flea with my dear peanut!
we both bought 2 items each!
i'm really happy with my buys!

after the flea, we decided to go to town to walk walk
& have cupnoodles for dinner.
no... we aren't broke, we still had money to eat a normal meal,
but... at the TBM flea, theres was this flea selling food (drinks & cup noodles)
the smell tempted us to eat as well :/
fatty peanuts..

i went out in the afternoon to watch the awkward moment,
the show was nice cos Zac Efron was inside! hehe, *fangirl mode on*
anw, after the movie, we ate astons!

left to meet my hobo girl after her work.
ate dinner with her at the korean 'restaurant' at scape!

yesterday (monday)
went to meet G for lunch & went to her place after that to touch up my roots!
she did the worst job ever.. sighpiez
& also late lunch again at her place
after that we went nex to get some stuff 
& my place for dinner.

i went for some interview that i'm so sure that i can't pass cos i totally ruin that opportunity.
sometimes life, you can't be too honest. hahah


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