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Saturday, March 1, 2014

charm's legal birthday!

new post on how we celebrated charm's bday!
apparently i have two weird bffs that doesn't 'like birthday celebrations'
sigh piez.
but then.., i guess we all really enjoyed ourselves during her bday!
so let me share with you guys what we did!

shall skip all the boring first part & get going when the action began!

we did not have any blind fold, so we used charm's outerwear as a blindfold!

her #ootd with the plain field while waiting for tracy!
i kept telling her that her hair look amazing (:
(can you tell we were going?)

we kept telling her we are going to sentosa, 
asking her if she can hear the sea (fountain) & feel the sand (i kick sand on her legs).
& she really believed!
But tadaa!
she was so happy, i dk why, hahahah!

& yes! picnic time, 
jinyee cooked fried rice & fry some hotdogs/fishball in the morning 
tracy prepared seaweed chix/cheeseballs
xian brought mats 
i brought drinks/tibits/her 'bday cake'!!

got red velvet cupcakes!
sighpie, the cream cheese melted cos of the crazy heat!
but it still tasted great!

surprisingly charm's full name, initial 'C, T, J, E'
fits our name as well!!

me trying to smile so hard, being a very patriotic singaporean~

brought cards to play along too!

we asked charm to help a family to take a picture 
(cos they were having a hard time to take turns to take picture)
(cos she was the birthday girl, so she should do a good deed)

i was planning a way to take picture with her, 
&i came up with this silly idea as if we were married..

we had a lot of fun at the barrage getting our hair all messed up, etc.

after that we were still full after eating all the picnic food (btw we hunt touched the tibits yet)
we went to clarke quay to have some drinks

i friggin love their fries, hehe so yumz~

more card games & tibits!

overall, i, myself really enjoyed my day,
& i think all of us did, 
& of cos the birthday girl!
love you 4eva baby girl~

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