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Friday, March 7, 2014

Vanity Trove: Get, Snap, Blingo!

On Wednesday, i was invited to Vanity Trove's event : Get, Snap, Blingo!
(btw thanks Huishan & VT Team for the invite!)
I brought some of my girls along with me to join me for this event!
So the dress code was 'Modern Hippie Chic' 
& i was so happy to see my girls dressing all so hip for it!
saw many familiar faces around (:

when we first entered,
the dessert corner attracted our attention immediately!
look at the deco & the desserts!
how can anyone not be attracted!??! 

other than the desserts from creme-berry,
there were also other dessert 'stations'!
such as emi cakes & others!

check out how adorable this Push 'N' Pop cake is!


bel & regime decided to get some makeup done by the professionals for the Benefit stn!

& a crazily cute balloon unicorn was just beside!

there was a game called 'Blingo' (smth like bingo!)
but instead of numbers, we have to do stuffs @ different stns!

this is one of 'em!
(ohya! create a vanity trove account & follow me! (: )

while jo, regine & jiayu were queueing up to get their hair done by a professional,
i thought why not i help bel do it!
i'm a professional too k..
using L'oreal's newest technology, the Steampod flat iron

bel & i participated in the blingo game, 
but both of us didn't win anything ):
sigh piezzz!
the top 3 prizes were: 2D1N trip, Michael Kors bag, Nikon Camera
the other prizes were very very eye-catching too!!

check out the pretty cake!
can't believe it was a cake!! hahaha

girls getting their hair done!

so this was my modern hippie chic look of the night!

would like to thank the VT Team for the invitation & also for the wonderful set up of the event!
can't wait for more event to come & be as successful as this time round!


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