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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Taobao Haul

a few days/weeks back i did some shopping on Taobao & i decided to show you guys what i've got!
& also to answer some questions i often get about shopping on TB!

so this is my 3rd time buying from TB,
first time i tried an agent 'SGshop'
second & third time i tried '65Daigou' (i'm really happy with the way they manage everything)

dk how to order?
Click Here

- copy/paste the link of the items u want on the bar on top (65daigou or others)
- add information of the stuff u want, colour/size/additional details etc.
- normally for the warehouse section i will opt for the Guangzhou one, cos it nearer to SG (my logic) haha but its totally up to your personal preference
- for shipping wise, try to opt for air instead of shipping, its faster too. (i usually choose express air, cos i want my stuff like real soon! i get my items after 1-2 days after i confirm the shipment! *also when all my items arrived at their warehouse la of cos!!)

i hope i've answered most of your questions? :P

did a haul video on what i got!

do let me know if you have questions on this!


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