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Monday, March 10, 2014

so slack / but happy (:

Been watching a lot of drama lately, 
just finished 3 dramas, can't wait to watch more!!

top- flea
skirt- Taobao
necklace- Taobao
bag- bugis street
denim jacket- bkk

top- bugis street
skorts- instashop
necklace- taobao

Top- d.majestique
pleather skirt- taobao
denim jacket- bkk
bag- bkk
sandals- zara

top- bugis street
shorts- taobao
necklace- taobao
outerwear- instashop
bag- bkk
shoes- asos/newlook

last thursday,
went swimming at charm's place with jy!
(my bikini is from TOPSHOP (a gift from the princesses))

check this silly instavid we decided to do, 
don't judge...

playing some childhood game in the pool~

after swimming, we decided to have dinner at Chompchomp!

& dessertbowl! yumdumzz!

& on sunday,
another swimming session with Jac & Jo!
(my bikini is from bugis street)

sauna too! wheeeee!

 after those 'watery' activities 
i got them to help me up with my Taobao Haul vid

after a crazy long time of spamming calls to pizza hut,
& online orders, 
we finally managed to order & tadaaa!

on wednesday after the Vanity Trove event,
Jac & Jacinda joined us for supper!
headed over to have a drink & T.G.I.W!

 had a crazy yet fun-filled night with the girls!
can't wait for the next time! (:

T.G.I.F with G!

on sunday,
i got jinyee to accompany me to run some errands for myself!
wheeee, so good to have a bestfriend that can accompany me even when she's so lazy!

picture credit to my favourite pie~ 

love you baby!

so today,
i'm not feeling well,
& G brought over food for me to eat cos i was too lazy to go out & get food for myself,
thanks G :*

i pretty much stayed home the whole day & did some sewing,
& this is the end product!


currently, i'm really happy with how i spend my holidays, 
cos im not working & have been enjoying myself so much, 
also receiving good news from everywhere,
will be telling you guys about the good news soon! (:

& also, i've been receiving loads of questions about so&so,
but i didn't answer any of them, except one of two,
stop asking, cos i won't reply, just don't feel like :/ 
but i'm very happy with how i'm living now!
but "aiya, don't need think so much one la"
cos theres nothing much actually (:


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