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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Jinyee's Legal Birthday!!

few days back was JINYEE's Birthday!
we had other plans for her birthday, but due to some 'technical difficulties' 
we had a really simple birthday celebration for her ):
but nevertheless, we still love her a lot k!!!

met up with charm early to get props/balloon & her cake!

check out our masterpiece! HAAHAHH

she came over to meet us for lunch & we had Jap food!

her outfit!
we got her the tiara / sash (reused) / bunny balloon

brought her from Serangoon to Stadium!

so charm wrapped our presents for her
hmm... hahahah!!


went home to change up, etc.
& went to town for dinner!

3 of us proceed for T.G.I.W~

it might not be a good one, 
we spent it with you. 
we were there for you.
i love you.

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