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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Get Ready With Me!!

Outfit Updates.

Top- Self-sewn
Shorts- F21
Outerwear- Instashop
Loafers- Asos/Newlook
Necklace- Taobao
Bag- Taobao

Top- TBM Flea
Jeans- Cityplaza
Outerwear- TBM flea / YHF
Bag- Bkk
Boots- Newlook


Get Ready With Me!
*first time doing a voiceover, 
please don't mind my sick voice,
been having a bad cough for the past week!

& yes, have a great look at my bare-face, 
really insecure with my naked face, 
but just want to share my skin condition with y'all 
& show you guys how i deal with it 
(although i didn't do much in the video/ or bts)

many of you will go like 
"ew you're so ugly without makeup/ ugly ugly ugly/ blahblah"

mwahmwah enjoy! (:

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