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Sunday, March 30, 2014

ilight marinabay!

On monday, 
jy & i accompanied charm to dye her hair, 
& we had an impromptu date out to ilight in the evening!
sadly jy didn't join us cos she was working )':

the lights were all magnificent!

you'll be seeing a lot tourist-like shots in this post! hahahh!
this station is actually a net with lights shone on it, 
looks like the aurora borealis!! beautiful <3

i got charm to post with the map :P

this 'cloud' is made out of many many light bulbs!
the strings dangling down is the switches to the bulbs!

look at my shave!!

i think she lost her way, she kept looking at the map. 
pretty dandelions made up of plastic bottles! 

saw ernest, he was damn shocked when we ask for a photo!

we needed some sweet treats after walking for quite awhile!

riding the bike to power up the light of the car!

this girl kept writing "cheriezeng follow me cheriezeng" hahaha!

here we are playing a tictactoe game, it's quite confusing, but i won charm!

this light painting stn is pretty cool!
the crew are really nice too!

the crew asked me "do you want to try something special?"
hahhaha so funny, yes i want.
he start shining a torch on me & look i'm on the screen!

apparently charm look pretty captivated by the amount of wishes on the wishing tree!

Happy croco! the stn jy was at!
nope.. it doesn't look very happy,

finally found her after like FOREVER!

we surprised her with her 'favourite' gongcha <3

went ahead to finish our 'journey'

check out the city lights 

motion-sensed mimosa!



No bf nvm, got my BFFs, they are more than enough (';

qt bears stn!

&& Debbie! 

this looks damn pretty in pictures!

our final station that charm was most eggcited about!

charm has this fetish for the citylights...

so we waited for jy to end work & went for supper at jalan kayu!
ohya, so apparently charm only gave me my birthday card like now..
thanks a lot bby.

enjoyed my time spent with them (:

this ilight event last only until today!
so faster head down if you hvnt!


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