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Monday, March 31, 2014


last friday,
went out with G to bugis!
so we were craving for sweet treats, so i got her to join me for my favourite sweet treat at EFW!
nutella tart with vanilla ice-cream! yummzz

on saturday, i went over to Spaceinvasion to find Grace! 

so much love for her camera! good choice bb!
(picture grabbed from her blog! :P)

& Mousetrap's new blogger! Brenda a.k.a @ontaechan!
she's so sweet & cute! looking forward to more chances to meet up/work with her!

an impromptu date with charm to ilight!
detailed post here!
top- gift from T & JY
skirt- bkk
necklace- gift from T
bag- bkk
sandals- zara

went out with my baby peanut to town & accompanied her to run some errands!
tube top- gift from T
denim skirt- bkk
bag- bkk

love you peanutbb!

last min movie date out with jy & xr!
it's been pretty long time since i dress up like that! 
(usually only dress like that to sch!)
necklaces- h&m

gingham top/dress- scape underground
skirt- bugis street
denim jacket- bkk
2 eye necklace- h&m
hamsa hand necklace- h&m
shades- shopunk
silver clutch- h&m
Dr. Martens

miss this boy so much!

so we had pizza hut for lunch & watched "Need for Speed"!
thanks for the BR ice-cream treat bro! <3

after that, 
i went off to meet Alicia & headed down to MT office for Midweek Chill Pill filming!
saw Grace there!

met up with Parisa for the first time!
can't wait for more meet ups to get to know her better (:

wheeee! group shot!
Parisa & Amanda came as well to film the 3rd episode of #MWCP (that will be up this wednesday!),
are you wondering why Amanda face is like that?
watch this VIDEO that Parisa & Amanda did tgt!

tadaa! picture of us before filming for our episode of #MWCP!
do you know what our episode will be about? (:
**rmb to follow @mousetraptv for more updates & know whats going on with the mousetrap team & the bloggers!
went Nex with G to run some errands with her & got myself sashimi sushi for dinz!
sigh, just realise i don't have photos with her :/

Went for filming for FFS New Face!

so happy to host this programme tgt with "Miss Dainty"!

our outfit are kindly sponsored by @Lalalandsg!

with Jesslyn here (:

are you curious on what this program is all about?
keep a lookout for it at Mousetraptv's IG & Page! (:

after filming, we had dinner at Makisan, <3
MT feels like family to me alr! <3333

new video for you guys!
my mum complains that i have only like 1 pair of legs, why do i have so many shoes.
(don't judge my feet & my dirty shoes.. -.-)


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