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Friday, April 4, 2014

Nails x Myntelicious!

a few days back,
Alicia, Grace & i headed over to our nail appt at Yishun!
Mynt was really nice & she didn't get mad at us,
(we were really late for the appt, sorry!)

check out the amount of Gelish nail polish Mynt have!
(ohwait, this is only like 1/3 of what she has!)
it's really crazy!

these are a few of the samples she made during her free time
look at the cute designs she created!
(yes, hardcore manicurist! hehe)

so it was my turn! 
cleaning my cuticles..
& file my nails.

& tadaa! hahah
didn't get to snap pictures of the process but, really happy with the outcome!

& if you didn't know, 
this is actually my first time doing gelish & having 3D pieces on my nails!
can't stop touching them! hahah

the pricing of my nails:
Classic Gel Manicure - $35
Nail Art - $15
4 square studs - $2
Ribbon Charm - $1

so for my the set done on my nails cost  $53!
its srsly cheaper than elsewhere!
outside should cost like $80 over!
what are you waiting for?!?!

here are the rates!

Currently they are having a special promotion:
Express Gel Manicure for $15 //
(promotion till end of april!)


check out her BLOG / Instagram / Facebook

Book an appointment with her right now!
email her at: !!!!!!!

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