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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

not everything changes.

Currently left with less than 2 weeks before school starts! :/
i can really get use to holidays,
although i didn't go overseas, 
but just relaxing & chilling (even just staying at home) feels so much better than rushing for assignments all the time!!

sigh, when school reopens, i'm gonna be crazy busy! 
best of luck, cherie..


last monday:
met up with my bby girls after not meeting for more than a week,
really miss them so much!

went to have lunch at Osaka Osho @NEX
(cos i was so attracted to their omelette rice displayed outside the restaurant!)

the gyoza was damn good!!
we thought its was like very salty so we only ordered like one set, 
but it was really good, should have order more!!

all of us ate the omelette chicken rice!

check out how thick the omelette is!

after movie, we bought tix for movie!
apparently, we bought tix for 2 movies!
1. Tarzan
2. Mr. Peabody & Sherman

after watching Tarzan, we went out too chill first, cos it was so cold inside!
not long later, we went back in for our 2nd movie~

Sweater- H&M
Lace shorts- Taobao
Sandals- Asos
Necklace- Gift from Tracy (NewLook)

after both movie, we decided to head down to Swee Choon for dim sum dinner!

this was 2/3 of what we had,

we ordered too much, & had difficulty finishing it :/

Alicia, Grace & I headed down to yishun to have our nails done!
full post HERE!

Bralet- BKK
Shorts- Flea
Outerwear- Thrifted
Necklaces- H&M
Bag- Bugis Street
Sandals- Asos

picture from grace's camera!

yey to pretty nails!

Headed down to Decléor for facial appt (Thanks VanityTrove!)

met up with Nic & Lina for dinner @ Vegan Burg (Marina Bay Financial Centre)!

it's not bad!
but didn't finish up cos i had sushi before the meal :P

after that we headed down to town to have dessert @ Café Mondo
& guys, srsly, but the desserts there SUCK. ooopz. 
sorry, but srsly la, don't even offer water, ice-cream taste like.....
the uncle selling one dollar ice-cream also taste so much better. 
overpriced + doesn't taste good = suck.

Regine came over to find us at Mondo, & catchup a little!

Went to school to help up for a graduation fashion show 
Collar top- Bugis Street
Black Sweater- Flea
Denim Skirt- BKK
Bag- Bugis Street
Necklaces- H&M
Socks- H&M
Creepers- Instashop

didn't really meet up with my princesses for like so damn long!!! finally met up!
sadly bel wasn't able to make it ):

with the model we were in charge of! 
thanks Tasha for being a really nice model to work with!

Went to office to FFSNF filming,
& met up with charm after that for lunch!
Black Buckled Top- Lalalandsg
Grid Pants- Lalalandsg
Necklace- Taobao
Bag- Taobao
Loafers- Asos

Orange coloured food to compete against the HOT ANGRY SUN. 

after then, we went over to jy's place for stayover date!!
watch 2 movie at night,
Orphan (thriller movie, was damn 'jidong' while watching the movie hahaha!)
& Project X (stupid movie.. didn't know why we watch it..)

Aurelia's 21st bday,
will do an individual blog post on it soon! 
Dress- Carousell
Cardigan- Flea / YHF
Necklace- Taobao
Glass heel- YHF

met up with jy at AMK hub for lunch & dessert!

Top- BKK
Skirt- Bugis Street
Bag- BKK
Necklace- Rackspaceproject
Sandals- Asos

love the waffle & ice-cream!
whip cream suck.

went over to Charm place for a catch up session 
& had maggi mee for dinner.
(been like almost a month that i hunt eat maggi mer :/, so much guilt eating it..)

Went out to town with JY & XR for a movie date!
Collar top- Bugis Street
Striped Crop top- Bugis Street
Skirt- Bugis Street
Outerwear- Instashop
Beret- Taobao
Loafers- Asos

had Eighteen Chefs for lunch!

tried my best to stay away from fast-food cos i was on diet,
but XR wanted to have mac for dinner,
level 3 was so-so..
looking forward to level 4!!! hahha
i still prefer mcspicy~

this few weeks has been a really fulfilling week for me from the ppl around me,
really thankful for every opportunities given to me lately, & not forgetting those that have been looking out for me since day 1.

In order to gain some, i have to lose some, 
but the decision is in my hands,
making the right decision & not regretting what i'm going to lose.
& yes, definitely stay true to myself.

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