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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Reviving the dead x new look x J7image

back with a new post on J7Image!
yesterday, i went back to do a hair treatment! cos my hair was so damaged, & i need help.

& it was very damaged due the too much chemical i put on my hair!
(dyeing & bleaching [my hair was bleach thrice in total!] )
& it made my hair very fragile & weak ):

For you guys that read my blog constantly, you've seen my hair in photos as well & they look horrifying! (so frizzy, puffy & obviously damaged!)

so J7 decided to revive the it!

check out my hair condition!

So they were going to use their latest/newest treatment on me:
Nano Keratin Cure ($197)
(it's for frequently chemically-treated hair/ dry & damaged hair, & yes i need it!)

here are the steps!
1. Cleanse
2. Treat
3. Nourish
4. Protect

so let's get started~~

1. Cleanse
Firstly Andy washed my hair with the Pro-Keratin Refill Shampoo!
(i love getting my hair washed by them, i can literally fall asleep! :P)
after that he blow dry my hair till it was just a little damp

2. Treat
he used the Power Kera Recharge Powerdose (star product of the treatment!)
it's to reconstruct my hair fibre! for STRONGER hair!

& using the Steampod from L'Oréal to lock the product into my hair!
you know how when you do a treatment at salons they use this hugeass brain-washing-machine to steam your wrapped hair? 
 however this time round they used the Steampod to helps to give even amount of steam to every corner/strands of my hair! 
so the product will be absorbed evenly to all parts of the hair!

look how silky soft my hair is already!

it feels so much more smoother! 

after then, he used this Nano-Mist machine on my hair!
is like getting you hair wet, but nano-mist gives out nano-sized water particles 
(so as to enter my hair much easily!)

3. Nourish
after my hair was a little damp, 
they used this Pro Keratin Refill Masque!

after they are done applying the masque, 
they used the nano-mist again so that my hair won't get dry while its processing & also the nano-mist has a little heat, (heat helps to process it too!)

went to the salon with an empty stomach, & tadaa! 
was craving for 炸酱面 so much & they ordered delivery!
(you don't have to worry about starving while doing you hair anymore!)

4. Protect
washed my hair!

using the Pro- Keratin Refill blow dry cream & apply it evenly throughout my hair!

& steam pod it once again! 
lovelovelove the texture of my hair now, i can really see the difference!
my hair doesn't break much anymore & the elasticity of my hair feels so much better! 
& of cos its stronger now!
yey to beautiful & healthy hair!

ohyes, i had a little trim & overall a tougher look for my hair.
it's a love/hate kinda hairstyle.
some ppl might really hate it, some ppl might even like it!
but until now, i'm really loving to tough look (shave) & a little touch of girly (funky colours) feel to it!

my stylist, Andy freestyle it! & i thought it was pretty cool (:

i can choose to show it off, or just hide my sideshave with my hair!!

check out how soft my hair is now (:

If you present this BLOG POST to them, you're entitled to 20% off! (:

what are you waiting for? go fix your damaged hair!!!!!


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