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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

family day!

few weeks back (yes i'm so late on this post!) my second sister came back from bkk for visiting!
& we went for family outings!
did a vlog as well!

Day 1:
we went to Pasarbella (Grandstand) for the first time!
the food was really good!

super craving for these now!!!!

dad didn't join us cos he had work!

Day 2:
went to The Ship to have dinz! 

After dinner, we went party world! 

had crazy fun time with my famz!

when erjie was back, had a really great talk/catch up with her!
(i think i was sharing my stuff with her the entire time :P)
be back soon! mwahmwah!

love you all mummy, papa, dajie, erjie & zhaoyi! <3!

heres the full vlog: 


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