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Friday, May 16, 2014

work hard, play hard.

it's been too long.
& i completely lose track of time!
been really busy with assignments/shoot/fun,
finally i'm back with a somewhat proper post for you guys!

bumped into bro the other day at zouk!

i did a vlog that day!

on one of the weekends, did my nails at mynt's place with peanut!!
she's becoming a no. 1 fan of myntefingers alr!
cos its like friggin cheap?

after that, met up with charm & jy!
it's been srsly long since i met them.. sigh </3
might want to have this haircut & colour soon, maybe ash-ier tone?
hahha what do you think?
(credits to charm's hair!)

Jap food for dinz!

on labour day,  my second sister came back for visiting!
& we decided to head down for a family day at pasar bella!
will do a proper post on this soon!!
(ohya, vlog as well!)

have you catch us on the papers?? (:

had my hair done at j7image with lindsay & chrysan!

& for my hair,
some people love 'em, & some hate on 'em so much!
sigh, what effz, i love it!!
i just love different hair colours on a whole!
(if you've been reading my blog, you should know!)

shooting for J7Image!
*explains the heavy makeupz

unicorn poop hair!
never ever thought i would have rainbow hair!

doing my assignment while working!

finally back in sch!

Last friday!
all of us decided to dress in white!

mink after that & made new friends, haha hi guys if you're reading this!

last saturday, these girls were crazy & wanted to go to zouk,
& at first we were all like damn "sian"
but, omg, i srsly didn't regret coming out with these girls <3
i love you girls duo duo!
*u guys shld know why!*

went to planet jupiter after zouk!
the girls sure did enjoy themselves drinking & playing.

met up with shin for supper,
chase where are u. haha

mother's day was pretty simple, had pizza delivery cos we were all lazy to leave house :x

icecream date with them!

poor jo took the photo for us she wasn't in the grp at first,



been partying more than once a week recently, 
& ppl on start freaking out etc.
hey babies, i'm just trying to relax my mind & have fun with my friends!
i'm not trying to be "wild" or go astray!


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