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Wednesday, June 11, 2014


will be blogging about 2 legal birthdays!

on the 24th of May, after Fleatitan,
the girls & I went to sixth avenue for the party~
thanks klins for sending us there!

it was suppose to be a pastel party,
but the girls & i wanted bel to be the only one wearing pastel!
but jo & jacq spoiler, they thought i was joking with them when i asked them to wear monochrome -.-

after eating, chit-chatting & some random charade games, 
it was time for some exercise for the birthday girl!

after like 123456 times of hitting & stabbing, some of us decided to help,
but, nope, not helping~

finally she managed to kill the evil crown piñata!
she's like some happy girl HAHA!

with le birthday girl~

cheesecake made by klins' friend
& the crust was made by bel!
(love the crust the most <3)

rr & jiayu wasn't able to make it ):

after party was at bel's sis place!
gosh crazy fun night there! (:
had a great time with them!


Xuanren's bday celebration!
on friday
head down to Downtown East & had a short K-session with xian & the guys!
jy went to check in first & tadaa! we order buffet!

made brownies for the his bday celebration, 
happy that all of them liked it! (:

xr's sis got the cake from Paris Baguette, "HAHA FAMILY"
it's friggin delish! 

secondary school friends~

with my favourite boy! <3

second time making him a photo collage/card <3

i guess all of us really enjoyed ourselves, especially the birthday boy!
(pri / sec sch / work mates are mostly there!)

on saturday, 

XR was a 'lucky boy' that night
surrounded by Jac, Jacq& myself! 

wheee! hope you enjoyed your legal bday! (:


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