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Sunday, June 8, 2014

New Change x J7Image x Giveaway!

back with a new post for my new hair!
stay tune to the end of this post for a giveaway! (wheeee freebies! haha)

on tuesday, i head down to J7Image for a new change.
i was pretty excited cos i'm finally going dark :x

i look so shag with my shag hair ):

the blue actually lasted quite long!
all of us were shocked that it didn't fade off!

oh yes, did i mention that i'm going for short hair too?


my cute hair-brush on the table (':

so rare to see such colour hair on the floor!

moving on to dyeing~

colour under flash!
Ash brown with blue-green tinge!
i'm still not used to it!

tied it into a low ponytail!

also tried curling 'em!

really happy with the results!


As all of you know J7Image have been doing my hair for the past 3 months, 
& it's time for 10 of you to have a hair makeover!

I will be giving away TEN J7Image $50 Hair Dye Discount vouchers 
to 10 of my readers/followers (c/o J7Image)!

Here are the steps:
- Follow both @J7Image & @Cheriezeng on Instagram
-comment on this photo telling me why you should win!

The giveaway ends in one week time!
(15 June 2014, 11.59pm)

here are the original price rate:



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