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Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Few weeks back..

had a gathering session with the Mousetrap people!
we met up at Downtown East for dinz!
typical Singaporean/Bloggers

Mousetraptv very own 
shortest blogger vs. tallest blogger.
hahha! no one will think that i'm actually younger than her :x

 group short with 2/3 of the mousetrap bloggers!

went to Aranda Country Club for K-session!

-pictures credit to Chrysan!

some of our managers & Ellena joined us at a later timing!
had mac for supper!
(it was already 2 am plus, & the next day i had filming :/)
Enjoyed my night spent with Mousetraptv <3

next day!
ffsnf filming with my beauty <3

our outfit c/o @lalalandsg !

after filming, grace pop by & we had dinz with the MT Crew!
after that we head down to flea party to visit Ellena & Brenda!

went home to put my linglinglonglongs down first 
& head out to meet Chrysan, Lindsay & J7Image for chill night out! <:

Yes, it still on the same day, (long day for me!)
night out with my babies, 

round 2 with our favourite grp of people <3

after one whole week of torture/submission, 
it's time to relax, 
gosh srsly love night outs like this, 

 as usual round 2 with 'em!

went for flea titan last week & saw many familiar faces!

went with my bby peanut, lina & regine!

with the Mousetrap bloggers that have their booths there!

with michelle & jesslyn!

Claire, Jovelle & Alicia!

Kelly & Jessica!

after flea titan, we headed down for bel's bday celebration!
(indiv. post on that soon!)

on sunday, caught X-Men with Shin, 
srsly love the movie! makes me wonder like all the previous x-men shows were no point watching. 

last monday, after some online interview thingy, head down to gym with jacq!
i can't rmb when was my last time exercising :/


On Wednesday, i baked brownies, cos my darling xr's birthday was like in 2 days time, 
so i decided to bake for the celebration!
as good as ever <3

ohyes, there's this random schoolday where i was so bored 
that i decided to fake a bob-hairstyle & go to school!!

celebrated XR's bday last friday & saturday!
(indiv. post on that soon! <: )

just yesterday,
had the most 'drastic' change after 8 months!

heheh! will talk more about it in a later post! 
keep a look out of this site, cos I'll be giving away some goodies for 10 lucky winners!

i have tooooo many blog post on hold! 
will post 'em soon!

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