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Sunday, August 17, 2014

J7Image x Giveaway

Last week, 
I headed down to J7Image to do my hair!
As usual, they always does wonders to my hair!

before heading down to the salon,
I plan to get a more neutral tone, like dark brown/ ash brown/grey/black
but I ended up picking other colours because J7image has like one of the best colouring products!
remember my blue hair? if I didn't dye my hair brown, the colour will still be standing strong!

my stylist of the day, Jayden!
he scan through my hair and decided on the placements of the colours!

Firstly, he bleached a portion of my hair for the funky colours to stand out.

after bleaching, he washed off the bleach and blowdry my hair.
when I saw my hair blonde, i suddenly miss my blonde days.. hahha!

all the funky colours laid out nicely with individual brushes (so the colour won't mix!)

after colouring the blonde portion with all sorts of colours, 
my stylist then dyed the rest of my hair purple! wheee!

Wash | Treatment | Dry!

So tadaa! this is the end result! I'm so happy with the shade of it!

& also some surprise underneath!

How much did it cost?
hair colour - $287
colour treatment - range from  $87 - $127
(before discount)

For members,
Weekdays (monday to thursday) - 15% off
Weekends/PH - 10% off
Birthday Month - additional 20% off

How to become a member??
When you head down to J7Image to do your hair,
quote "cheriezeng" & be a member for free!

or you can pay $27 to be member (:


I have a special news!
I'll be giving away vouchers to 10 lucky readers/followers!
You are able to choose any of the following!
*strictly 1 service per voucher only*

C'mon! is such good deals right!!

How to win?
- Just simply answer these 3 questions correctly! thats all!

1. How long have J7Image been in Far East Plaza?
2. What are the main products that J7Image uses?
3. What is the brand of the organic hair colour J7Image is using?

*psst! the answers can be found on J7Image's Facebook page!*

Comment on this blog post. (Name, Email, Answers)

giveaway will end on the 23rd of August! (Next Saturday!)
& i'll pick the 10 lucky winners!

(want to have a greater chance of winning??
comment on both this blog post and my instagram post dedicated to this!)

remember to like their Facebook page and follow their Instagram for updates on more offers!!

goodluck <3!

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