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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Space Invasion x

overdued post again!
have been really busy with assignments, shop align & production work!
& guess what! it's the holidays alr!
i'm so glad i can finally have some rest & spend some quality time with special people around me (:

last month, Space Invasion has opened a new store at Cineleisure!
& they have invited the Mousetrap girls and other bloggers as their special guests!
Space Invasion is actually my favourite multi-label store!
love their layout, the labels there & not forgetting the warm service every customer would receive there!

met up with the girls to have our breakfast at MOS Burger before the event!
(the previous night, i didn't get to sleep much,
thats with i look so tired ): )

with Chrysan <3

so many pretty items there but didn't get to buy them on the day itself,
but i bought some stuff when i came down with Xuanren the other day!
will blog about them in my ootd post soon!

Brenda!! please tell me how can anyone be so cute?

ohyes! that day was also Kent's birthday!
lucky man with so many beautiful people in his life celebrating for him (especially jasmine!)

top- bugis street
skirt- taobao
loafers- ASOS // New Look
Clutch- Glacé

Orchard Cineleisure 
8 Grange Road 

we as Singaporeans are of cause 'typical Singaporeans',
we love sales,
we love discounts,
we love anything that is cheaper and affordable, 
even if its 5% off, yes its good enough! (better than nothing)

I'm here to share with you guys a site,

what's so special about this site, why do i want to share this with you guys?

iprice provides product information on all brands & they also carry online coupon codes for web-stores, such as Zalora and more! (thats not all they also offer coupon codes for booking of hotels, air tickets etc.) Coupon codes means... MORE DISCOUNTS!

since I did state that i got my loafers in the top post from ASOS // New Look
iprice also has New Look in it!
they will show the 'sale' sign that other online store doesn't..
so much cheaper!

They don't only give you a good offer (coupons) to buy from other web-stores, they have an online shop to let you know where to get your favourite items from(cheaper!!)! (that have all our favourite brands such as American Apparel, Cheap Monday, Dr. Martens, Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, etc.) there's too many to choose from!

have fun shopping! 
(good way to spend smartly :P)



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