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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Halloween 2014

i've been super busy with school work lately..
just finish with 1 assignment on kidswear & now i have 2 other report assignments left.
i'm so tired of doing assignments,
writing reports and looking at lecturer's black face every single day..
but what to do? i'm still young, i should be studying, at least i'm studying something that i have interest in. but i doubt i'll be going further with this line.. at most i'll just own a brand & design my own clothes? hmmm. we'll see.

Last week,
it was quite a busy week for me, cos as usual, assignment assignment assignment.. SIGH!
wednesday my school 'celebrated' halloween & many students dressed up.
made me think back to my first year in poly.
we dressed up and even put on make up in class, during our lesson. (when lecturers weren't so strict, & when we had so much more free time..)

Last year halloween in school: Halloween 2013

so last wednesday we just did our assignment and see all the people in costumes & felt that life was unfair..
i kept complaining to J that i'm like damn sad not being able to celebrate halloween this year.
end up on thursday, he asked me if i was free on friday,
ya i'm free after school (was suppose to go to DFW but ohwells!)..
he told me that he wants to bring me out... to.. USS HHN4!
i srsly didn't expect it at all, we didn't even talked about it!
all i wanted to do this halloween was to Zouk, where all of us dress up! hahah
but i was so happy & touched!

I went to school with "tattoo" cos it's halloween!
wanted to do full sleeve but didn't have enough time, ):
i spend 45mins doing this,
*i drew it with my left hand!
p.s. i'm a right-hander!
i'm quite amazed myself!


great DJ, great songs!

After USS, Theo fetch us to Zouk for round 2 of halloween!
i spend super long (1hr?) doing my makeup & like only 15-20mins doing J's makeup!

Super pretty dress! 
more about it on upcoming blogpost!

quick makeup for Theo!

with Alicia & her friends~

wolfpacktohalloween? hahha

went to Jalan Kayu to have prats for supper with this makeup (':

would like to thank my Boy for doing all this for me, 
& allowing me to makeup on him even though he didn't like it..
& had a friggin' difficult time removing them,
for always being there for me at times where i really need someone there,
for being there when i'm in a really bad mood,
for satisfying my cravings all the time, 
for loving me. 


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