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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Jacinda's Naughty 19th!

Post dedicated to Jacinda Choo -

How did we met?
I met her during our first year of polytechnic.
She was Jolyn's best friend, I see her around in school, & when she came to find Jo.
The first time I saw her, my first impression of her was "wow so pretty! but she seem very unfriendly though.."
then eventually we followed each other on instagram, & I will like her posts cos I think she really look good, but we didn't really know each other, & never talk to each other before.

But then.. last year, around March, just a sudden urge to club at Zouk, Jolyn called Jacinda along!
At first it was kind of awkward cos I thought she was unfriendly etc, but as the night goes we had fun dancing, taking pictures, & felt a little more comfortable with each other.

We eventually going to clubs together with Jo & Jacq really often back then, & became close.
Most of the time when we meet up with each other are the times when we're clubbing! & maybe sometimes for lunch in school.

very very first time we took a photo together!

didn't realise we took so many photos tgt!
there's more though.. :P
i wasn't kidding when i say we only meet to club etc.
all our pictures are all clubbing pictures!
even the last one, we were cabbing to club :P

& we celebrated her birthday just last saturday, on the actual day!
her beloved boyfriend booked a hotel at Studio M,
we're all dressed in white just so Cinda could stand out.
wanted her to wear red.. but it's ok~

Cinda wearing her new superga kicks from Jacq!

Jolyn & her secondary school friends baked blueberry cheesecake for her!
& it was reallyreally good!
will ask for the recipe & try it one day!

Pizza for dinner!

we didn't have anywhere to hook the piƱata on,
so the guys volunteered to hold it.

Happy birthday Jacinda!
Please enjoy your last year of the teenage life!


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