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Friday, January 23, 2015

A Day With: Mousetraptv!

It's been awhile (very long) since i've updated this site of mine,
Have been really busy with school work! ):
so if you would like to be updated with my life & all, follow me on instagram @cherie.zeng

today was quite a sucky day cos of submission and also stuff that i have found out, but me, trying to be a strong girl, i will pretend that i do not know anything. it's actually nothing, but at this critical period when i'm so paranoid & doubting my life, it's really sickish to see shit. mehh,
back to topic!
as the title mentions,
i've actually started a new video series "A Day With", it's a vlog video, & i'll be doing more of such video in the future!
Do pardon me cos i'm learning how to make my videos more entertaining,
so it'll look quite funny. still beginner ok!!!
i'll try to make it better to watch! hopefully you all won't get eyesore! :P

so last week i went for portfolio shoot at the mousetrap office for our new website!
** psssst, go check it out at
*** press 'cheese' to view the bloggers and also click on our faces to view more photos!

& i did a vlog video!
see what your favourite bloggers are like behind the scene HAHA!
managed to see all the bloggers there except for Ellena cos she couldn't make it..

this is like a very short post, but just to keep this site updated! :P

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