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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Genting Trip with boy

around 2 months back, i went for a short getaway trip with my boy & his parents to Genting!
Thank god for that trip, bcos i srsly needed a getaway so much!
school was really killing me inside out :(

we sat the coach there,
spent all our time in the coach watching movies and sleeping.

it was a super super long ride there, 4-6hours? 
when we reach the area, 
J immediately got me a data plan Sim card knowing that i'm so connected to social media 
&can't live without instagram, snapchat & whatsapp!
thanks b!

& i actually forgot that the weather/temperature in Genting is super low, & so cold,
i only brought one cardigan for this trip ):
*my favourite knitted cardigan from kayleykate!*

so basically i was freezing throughout this whole trip!
so i kept stealing J's jacket
& he wore his mum's jacket haaha!

First World Hotel,
beautiful lightings (':
*& the best thing is theres Starbucks there!
but.. sadly i didn't get to drink any cos i'm always full & didn't have space for it. 
pretty wasted though.

on the first night, after eating, we went to the Ripley's believe it or not 'museum' hahah!

took many photos of the gallery, but i think i shouldn't post all up,
you should check it out yourself!

please tell me how is this always right?!

us trying to be funny! :p

all made from matchsticks!

did we became any luckier? i'm not sure though..

check out my stubby legs ):

J is pretty sad he's not as tall as him, 

after walking at the last part of the 'museum', 
i was already freaking out with all the tribal stories and prison weapons used in the past.
we went to the haunted house after that.
normally in haunted houses, i'm scared, but i'm still able to laugh about it.
but for this haunted house, IT WAS SO SCARY!
it's completely dark!
& apparently, there was water being sprayed into my eyes ):

but even J said that it was scary,
but he just kept laughing at me ): 
ohyes, J & myself was looking forward to the theme park, 
but sadly it was closed down for renovation ):

typical breakfast buffet~

we wanted to try the 'snow city' but it was closed too..

we didn't know what to do, so we just roam around & i saw the cable car!
so we decided to head down to the strawberry farm via the cable car!

the view was so pretty!

but J was pretty freaked out, cos we were so high up!
we kept scaring each other, what if we drop?

we were suppose to take the shutter bus down, but ended up taking a taxi in!
its quite near though!
& obviously not as cold as Genting itself!
it weather down there was so cooling! if only SG is like that all the time!

we head up to the lavender farm, 
& omg it so pretty! 

our hotel if i'm not wrong!
so we came all the way down by cable car!
didn't know it was so far off!

why are all the parrots on him!?
the people training these parrots there just place the parrots on him!
this is the only photo of him not looking awkward!

next they tried to get J to hold the snake!
he kept running away from them, hahahh

they got him to hold the snake in the end!

cute strawberry buggy!

he love ultra man so much he can't stop looking at the posters!!!

after coming back up from the strawberry farm, 
we went to play in the arcade, 
bringing back some childhood!

Michael Jordan playing basketball, hmm..

we had our dinner at some hotpot restaurant in the hotel mall!

&Marrybrown for supper!
super yummy!

here are some snapchat videos that i recorded then,
bad quality, but just a random one!
i remember recording more, but i think i forgot to save them :(
but still...

always love going overseas with J
feel so stress-free and i can just relax all the time!
hopefully i'm able to travel the world with him.
time to save up! <3


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