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Friday, January 2, 2015

2014, let's recap

2014 was actually a wild and bumpy ride for me,
things changed, people changed and so did i.
many things happened over these 365 days for me,
& i'll just like to recap on it...

nothing much happened in jan2014 for me i guess, my poor memory is really failing on me..
i still remember i used make an effort to dress nice enough for school & take ootds every single day without fail & posting up on instagram, but now.. hahahh

this month was a really good & bad month for me & people around me i guess..
i turned 18 this month & i had wonderful people around me celebrating it for me, surprises and everything i have never expected from them.. especially my squeegee girls. 

& jd, who planned along side with my close friends for a birthday party i will never forget.
Jinyee & charm who prepared all the birthday wishes cards, and preparing many many stuff! Xuanren for booking and helping out. tracy & xian who still came to celebrate my birthday even though we had a rough fight in 2013, my squeegee girls who joined hand to surprise me once again.

after my birthday, i thought that everything will go well, but ended up having to leave someone i thought i was going to go on together for long, cheesy but true. being together for more than 2 years (i know its not that long), and being treated like their family. it's more than enough for me, but eventually somethings are just not meant to be? bullshit. haha in a relationship TRUST is just so friggin' impt. the end. 

celebrated valentines day with the best people (friends) in my life!
*i think i should just be single. cos when i'm single, all i care about is them*, 
(sad but true. hahha, hence i'm not a really good friend.. :P)

i guess March was the month i changed as a whole..
Started clubbing, in the past i kept having this shitty feeling about clubbing, like what do people actually do when they are in clubs? guys just touch/grind random girls in the club? loud music that makes no sense, how enjoyable is that?
my first club experience was actually very impromptu! the girls & myself was at the vanity trove event @ Zouk in the early evening, & decided why not we stay for clubbing later that night? & i have to say that... i don't know why, but i enjoyed it. *not encouraging youngsters to go clubs, but its an experience that all of us should try at least once. only when you're legal. you don't want to spoil that experience getting caught just bcos you're underage..*

Joined Mousetrap. i was over the moon when they approached me. 
i was a nobody. i'm just someone who likes to take ootd, make stupid videos that no one even watches  & blogging whenever i'm bored or when i want a place to note down interesting/lame stuff that i want to read when i grow old. 
yes, i know that Mousetrap was & is still a small company, but at least someone sees 'potential' in me. & that makes me overjoyed. 
&yeah, if it was a big company that approached me, i would be even happier, but eventually i realise that it doesn't make me happier than being in mousetrap. bcos it's small, we are more like a family than a 'company'. & until today, i've never ever regret being in a place i'm in today. it makes me who i am today, a more loving person rather than a person who seeks for competition that usually happens in major companies. i love all my 'colleagues' but i prefer calling them my friends, my family. 
Also in MT, i was able to find a few really close friends i could talk with, but only one that i love so dearly that it hurts.. i believe that MT will be able to continue growing, & fly high one day.

everything went really smooth for me during april.. nothing much i guess.

this month i was seriously crazy.
we went to clubs 2 or even 3 times a week! it's so damn crazy i can't even imagine how i was able to manage school & club those days.. 
but, the 4 of us became reallyreally close <3

it started out as just us girls only, & K+W came along, omg.. thank god we are no longer seeing them phew. 
& after that, Weihao & Shin came into the picture too, 

then it was the Wolfpack guys. omg, i guess its fate. 
if we hadn't got to meet Weihao that day, we weren't even meet the wolf pack guys, & there wouldn't be 3 happy couples now. hahahahah!
F A T E. yes i believe in it :P
there's so many little stuff/details that made this 'fate' happen, the list goes on & on, i will never be able to name all of them!

June was the month when i finally went back to a dark coloured hair~
kind of miss my light hair days, but i guess i prefer the dark tones, cos i look normal now? hahaha would like to thank J7Image for always pampering my hair! <3

happily attached to J!
After being together with him, i felt that i've changed to a different person.
being more understanding and eventually being more open to things.
at first when we started out, i was a little skeptical. but in the end, i realise that he was all i wanted.
i'm really glad i'm able to meet this man, and also have him in my life.
(one of the first photo we took tgt)

Also, only after being together with J, it opened my eyes, i realise that a number of people i called 'my friends' in the past were fucking fakers even those I'm sososo close with. until today, there are still some, but maybe they need time to change, otherwise they are just gna be like this to people around them forever, they will end up getting hurt.

Align was an online store// school project, by the 6 of us.
all i did was my product, nothing else for the project. although we scored well,
but all the credit goes to my group mates, not me. 
so i guess one of my new year resolution is to buck up with my projects & assignments.
*now i have one project due next friday, & i hvnt started on it. wtf*
Mousetraptv goes to Bintan~
really had a lot of fun with the girls! cant wait for the next one! haha
here are some sneak peeks, we filmed 3D2N there, so catch it on coming real soon!

also had bbq with the wolf pack clique before our Bangkok trip!

& then #wolfpacktobkk~~

during our 3rd month tgt,
J actually did this for me.. *heart melts*
he bought me a titus watch,
& i wrote him 30 'open when' letters, like 'bohua' for him hor? hahah

Sunway Lagoon with Jacq & her family!

been too busy in school that we didn't had the time to dress up in school!
so on halloween day itself, i drew tattoo & went to school.
HHN with J,
Halloween party @zouk with wolfpack!

4th month tgt with J,
we went Genting!
Genting post not out yet cos i'm still not done drafting it hhaha!

& had a great dinner at the Chop House for our 4th,

it was my first time at zouk out, & I REALLY ENJOYED IT, even though it wasn't a full force for us, but still enjoyed with some new friends i've made there (:

5th Month with J,
we dined in a lovely restaurant at Sentosa Cove, Museo.

Christmas eve with bffs

SECRET SANTA with Squeegee girls!

We went to church, & impromptu getaway to JB!
First ever Chanel from J!


New year's eve, didn't do much, head down to church & went for a drink~

that's all i've been doing..
never really got the chance to blog about everything, but more or less its all here..

before i end off this post,
i would like to thank all my friends that have always been by my side, be it physically or mentally <3

thank you Squeegee girls for making my poly life interesting.
although we had some conflicts/misunderstanding earlier this term,
but i'm glad we are all as fine as ever!

Thank you 四大美女 & Wolfpack for all the clubbing times and also now, after getting to know our boyfriends,
& we still get together once in a while & eat at RK house, drink & think about life. hahah rubbish.

BFFforlife <3
Charm & Jinyee, don't want say here la, i shy, later you all say i gay.
hahah, but thank you guys for always being there for me not matter what,
charm for always busy & cannot meet,
jinyee for always free, even if busy also can still find time for me.
i love you 2

thank you G for always being the G i always known, 
bitchy & sweet at the same time,
always reminding me to be true to myself..

Drea, Dil & Shimin for always entertaining me with you dear diaries, 3pm fights & complimenting me all the time even though its not even true, hahha
thank you for keeping me company in class, making class much more fun!

thank you Alicia & Grace for being my first closest friends in MT, 
i will only & always remember those days..

Alicia, i'm so glad i got to meet you, know you and love you.
thank you for being the shittiest friend alive, hahah! & know that i still love you no matter what. 

My Boy, thank you for always pampering me with food, and more food, 
& gifts that i don't really need but love them, 
thank you for understanding me, 
thank you for surprising me,
& lastly, thank you for loving me.

my family that has always been really supportive, 
& especially my parents who surprisingly are super lenient to me in 2014.
thank you, i love you.
(so tough to find a recent picture of my famz :/)

Wishing all of you a great year ahead!
new year, new beginning!

no new year resolution for me to share i guess,
hvnt really sit down & think what i want to do yet :P
but i wish everyone healthy & World peace!