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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Zouk Out 2014


in the mid of the year after getting real close to the #wolfpack team, 
we girls actually discussed a lot about zoukout, 
&planned like to go together.
but in the end, only a week before zoukout we got to buy the tickets.
& it's only me & Jolyn!
"too much planning leads to nothing" - Jolyn
so yeahhh, my first time experience to ZoukOut was with Jolyn!

we didn't really have the hype mood even though we should be like damn excited since its our first time,
but nah, the only time we start getting excited is when we start preparing and drinking at my place.
(actually that's only me, Jo only get the feeling when she enter the area & start hearing the music :P"
we thought it would be pretty boring, cos it's just the two of us,
but no! we met up with many people, saw many familiar faces!
we hung out with Jo's friends, schoolmates!

ohyes, we went really crazy with the Flash Tattoos i got off carousell!

met up with JY that was working at one of the booth!

Jojo, thank you for being so STEADY (sometimes) <3

yeap, i know she loves me..

love her too!

with JY & Debbie!

& my favourite girl, Alicia <3
thank you for entering my life.

Alicia & Zack!
shall award them the "Best looking couple award!"

the standard type of ZoukOut shot, ft Jo's ugly heart-hand. hahahah

no club/party is complete without this girl!!

Ellena & Darren
"Cutest couple award"

(thanks for the photobomb, haha)

it was 5am already, J & Theo joined us!
what type of couple are we? hahahha
love you bad for coming down even though you're damn tired!! <3

Skrillex with pretty background, haha


really enjoyed my first experience to ZoukOut.
coming back next year, for sure. <3


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  1. Hi, may I know do you use phone or camera to take all your photos? and how you edit ur photos?