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Friday, April 3, 2015

Feelings & Mini updates: Easter Fashion Weekend

It's been a pretty long time since I update my blog with my own life.
I don't really know what I've been doing bcos I no longer snap pictures of whatever I've done like how used to in the past. Be it having a simple meal, going out with friends, a simple date out or any random shit, I will just take photos so I can update you guys what I've been up to! But I guess I've been pretty much keeping my life a little more private. When I gain some, I lose some.
In the past, I only care about myself, about sharing my life with you guys, I don't really care about what other thinks (I still don't). Even publicising my 2nd instagram account and snapchat so you guys can have a sneak peek of what's going on in my everyday life.
But it's been awhile since I feel that I cannot continue doing this, people that are around me wouldn't like it, even if they don't mind, I would not want to do it as often, due to some personal reasons.
& It's not that I don't want my readers to know who are the people in my life now, it's not that I'm ashamed of them, it's bcos they need their privacy, I don't think I need as much privacy as they need, I don't really care what people think of me. The moment I started being in this 'industry' I know that there isn't this 'privacy' thing for me anymore.

2 years back, whenever I leave house, even it's just nearby my place, just to have a meal with my parents, buying food home, I will always pop out my concealer & conceal all my blemishes, put on mascara & lipstick. YES, even for that 5-10mins in my neighbourhood.
Until one day I went to have lunch with one of my friend nearby KFC, (I had full on makeup...) she asked me a question that I can't honestly answer even though I know the answer myself. "Why do you always have to put on makeup? even if it's just nearby?" Make a guess what my answer was?

My answer was bcos I'm scared that my readers see how I actually look like barefaced, & they would dislike me blahblahblah. YES. I was this insecure about myself. Even to my friends.

ohyes, (Fun Fact! : I've been consistently wearing make up since the end of sec 3 (15 y.o), YES, I wear make up to school every single day of my sec 4 life. NO. not full on makeup, just concealer & powder. IT WAS REALLY BAD, I really regret. I was still young back then, If i hadn't put on makeup since then, I wouldn't be this insecure.)Soo... those who are still young, please make full use of your flawless and young skin, don't end up like me having to put so much makeup now.
After that day my friend spoke to me, I realise that I was too much, too afraid, (I mean what is there to be afraid about right? just bare face, my family has been looking at it for like 19years?) So I decided to post up my everyday makeup routine on my youtube channel, to show my readers how i'm like with no makeup!

Fun Fact! : the reason why i start doing youtube videos is bcos to overcome my insecurities of my bare face, and also the main reason was.. my speech problem. YES. I have 'speech problem'. I cannot talk to the public or in front of the camera FOR NUTS! so I thought this could help me out with my problem.

Another Fun Fact! : In Mousetraptv, Me, Cherie has the most NGs bcos I can't remember my lines, even though its very simple that the people around can memorise it alr.

BUT! I'M PROUD TO SAY THAT I'VE BECOME SO MUCH BETTER NOW! *compared to when I first started, watch this if you want to vomit blood: OLD VIDEO THAT I ALMOST DIED AFTER WATCH 38SECS OF IT*

guys... I just realise that I've no idea what I'm trying to say or the main topic of this blogpost.
From privacy to bare face to speech.
I just wanted to blog whatever my head is thinking now. so.. please don't mind.
nah, thats is what blogs are for ya? just to blog you feelings down like a diary.


Whateffs, updates!
Have been trying to go on a diet, but i'm not really very determine bcos it's holiday, so I should enjoy while I still can right???
at least I've lost some weight, but not much. should be more determine, but i can't bring myself to do it. hahah

Yesterday I baked some brownies and cookies for tomorrow's TBM Flea!
If you have been reading my blog for awhile now, you should know that my friends LOVE the brownies i make! *check it out here : Dinner Date Vlog!
So if you wanna try how "GREAT" is it? come down to TBM Flea tomorrow and try some!

Mousetraptv will be there selling our cookies & brownies!
We will be selling some of our apparels there as well!
Psst! we will be playing games with the shoppers & vendors,
Lucky winners will win awesome goodies too!
So do come down & say hi!



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