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Wednesday, May 6, 2015


I was actually waiting for all the 3D2N Episodes to come out before I blog about our Bintan Trip,
but ended up losing track of time & it slipped off my mind! 
So, I'm finally going to do a post on our Bintan trip! 
But warning! This post is overloaded with pictures..

Day 1, we met up at Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal with the girls & the crew,

after around 1 hour plus,
we have reached our destination!

My teammate: Ellena!

Bintan Lagoon Resort,
our villa!

When we arrived, we just chill and unpacked our items before we start filming!
so... we don't just take a nap while waiting to start filming,
we being girls...
Bikini Top- Cotton On Body
Bikini Bottom(highwaisted)- Bangkok
Kimono- Shopsassydream
Shades- Shopunk 

my roommates for the trip,
btw, i think grace's shades are super cool/cute!

we started filming in the noon, first stop? Table Tennis,
Next we went onto the Banana Boat/Kayaking!
after that we tried the ATV bike! 

with all the girls!

after ATV, we compete against each other in volley ball.
they came out with an idea to play captain ball, omg I swear I have never run so much before,
(btw I was running around very little) I can't even remember how long was the last time i actually 'exercised' :/ but we had fun!
We went back to the villa to have a swim and washed up!
we played a short game & had our dinner prepared by the resort!
love their service!
Sadly I don't have photos of the food, I was too busy with snap chatting thru the bad wifi ):

at night outfit, that was a little awkward cos it's pitch black dark, & i'm wearing like as it i'm going to the beach??? but! i love the shine of my skin!

Day 2 breakfast!
so many varieties of Indo food & of cos the basic food they have in all breakfast buffet!

apparently the MT group loves eggs a lot..

We woke up like this. :p

Outfit for Day 2!
Top- Statementmuse
Lace shorts- Taobao
Hat- Daiso
Necklace- H&M

We headed back to our villa & rest before we did our 100secs show!

At night, we head down to a restaurant: RICE at the resort,
Night 2 outfit
Hat- Xccelerate
Top- Papa Zeng
Short- Bugis
Belt- H&M
Clutch- H&M
Sandals- Juju

Bad handwriting but whateffzzzzz.

Awesome food with awesome company!

I mistaken green chill padi as long bean, & I ate it.. :/
I almost died, so we started challenging the whole crew & laugh at their reactions!
great memories..

we went back to the villa & relax, & of cos did some filming for MWCP!

Day 3
Kimono- H&M

& we left the villa, returning to SG.
Top- F21
Shorts- some instashop
Shades- Statementmuse
Kimono- Shopsassydream
Flowercrown- Brenda's

we went to Bintan 8Months ago, YES 8 MONTHS!

3Days2Nights Bintan- 1/4

3Days2Nights Bintan- 2/4

3Days2Nights Bintan- 3/4

3Days2Nights Bintan- 4/4



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