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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Late updates

I'm back with some super late updates!
(when was the last time I did this? shit, I should keep up to update my blog with regular updates about my life :P)

Some pictures to update what I've been doing~

some catch up session & birthday celebration for the feb/march birthday girls:
Timbre for dinner 

& Zouk for the night,

Bralet- Jocie Label
Skirt- carousell
Bag- gift
Necklace- Thrift store
Heels- City plaza

Top- Jocie Label
Skorts- BKK
Shades- BKK
Bag- Self-sewn
Sandals- Rubi

Another day at Traitors Flea featuring Pirlo!

TBM Flea with Luna & Brenda!

not forgetting my favourite girl <3

Top- Flea
Skirt- BKK
Sandals- Rubi

Day 2 of TBM Flea,
photos by Alicia,
Top- Ninthstore
Jeans- Thrifted
Sandals- Rubi

featuring my new phone case from TB!

Top- Flea
Jeans- BKK
Necklace- Flea
Bag- Self-sewn
Sandals- Rubi
Shades- BKK

with my love, Grace~

I'm having my hols now!
I'm looking for cheap & affordable flights & hotels deals,
& I'm always on google trying to find discount codes to get it at cheaper prices, 
but I always fail to find a good deal..
Finally I get to find great deals on a proper website called Cuponation that offers discount codes and great deals.
Do share with me what deals you are able to find!

Back to last few months when my sch hours were killing me..
9am - 6pm classes :/

Had a hair cut and went for a slightly darker tone @ J7Image.
by far the shortest I've ever went, don't think I'll be going any shorter.
but I love it!
people always think that when one has short hair, there isn't much hair styles one can opt for.
but let me show you the different hair styles I can do with this hair below as I go along with this post!

my nerdy hair that I love very much, I won't have to care much, cos my hair will stay in place especially when i go school, I don't have the time to look in the mirror all the time, & as my hair is tucked behind my ear, it would not block my vision while i'm sewing or just doing work!

Netted top- gifted
Halter top- BKK
Shorts- Flea
Bag- Selfsewn
Sandals- Rubi
Specs- Statementmuse

netted top- Gift
Floral tube- BKK
Skorts- Jocie Label
Blazer- instashop (got it during 2013)
Bag- Selfsewn
Gold chain- Cotton On
Specs- Statementmuse

&Days that I don't have time to straighten my hair,
I just let my wavy hair do its thing~
Top- Ninthstore
Bandage Skirt- H&M
Shades- Statementmuse
Eyes Necklace- H&M
Nike Roshe Run

Halter Top- BKK
Necklace- Flea
Sandals- Rubi

Another day when i headed down to Nineties Studio!
will do another blog post on this soon~

Top- BKK
Skorts- BKK
Denim Jacket- BKK
Necklace- Flea + H&M

'study date' with Drea!

the reason why I'm still alive in school are bcos of these people, (:

Day out with my BFF at Yoogane.
It was not bad! will go back to eat again!

When my second sis came back for visit with Marco,
we had family dinner & sang K, (this is literally how we spend our family day ALL THE TIME)

Putien for dinner!

Party world for our K session!

we have been doing our design portfolio for our intern/job,
this is Drea's portfolio ft. her chubby model, ME! hahah, but her portfolio is really very nice!

in the cab back to school after spending a bomb at sunshine plaza for our portfolios
(design students around SG will usually go to sunshine plaza to print their works, 
if you're looking for good quality prints, you need to head down there to print!)

After school that day, MT 'Gathering' @ Tree Lizard!
**** you guys have to go down & try their Alfredo! It's friggin good!!!

great pizza, thin crust, yumm!

salmon salad! it was really not bad, & crispy, yummy chicken wings!

Cod fish, 

Aglio Olio~

will be having my internship soon, sigh ):
hopefully I learn well and able to put my experience from the internship to good use during my final year project!


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