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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Desperados! (giveaway!)

Last Saturday, I had the best time of my life!
The Desperados Team has invited me down to have a stay at Hard Rock Hotel and enjoy the Halloween Horror Night 5! 
I'm so honoured to be part of this event!
Not only did I enjoy my stay and had fun during the HHR5, a bunch of awesome influencers and myself get to try out Desperados - a Tequila-Flavoured Beer, throughout the night!
I think I found myself a new favourite beer!

I invited none other than J to enjoy this journey with me! 
Oh gosh, he totally enjoyed it as much as I did!

We arrived at Hard Rock Hotel, and the team passed us our keys to our room for the night,
we didn't expect much, all I knew was I have to do three challenges throughout my stay, and thats it.

But no! we went up to our room, opened the door, the room was a mess..
We never expected this at all! it was awesome!
Beers are in the Icebucket, and my name was there...

We were hungry, so we decided to head out to get some food until we saw the Desperados team brought up a huge black box into our room. & then I knew that this was it.. 
The box of challenges is here.

My first challenge was:
To take a flatlay photo of the stuff that was in the box,
so I did it!

After I'm done with challenge 1, we decided to head out to have our stomachs filled first at the Malaysian Food Street! I had the Bak Kut Teh, while J ate their char kway teow! yumyumz!
After eating, we headed back to the hotel, & I decided to do challenge 3!

My 3rd challenge was to take a photo with the beer and dressed up (inspired by halloween),
but since I did not bring any 'halloween costumes', so I used the props they provided, like this black veil I'm wearing! (& adjusting some of the halloween decor in the room)

After all this photo taking session, we rested for awhile to get energy for the HHN5!
we met up with the other influencers and the Desperados Team at HHN5,

& proceeded to complete challenge 2, that was to take a Selfie with anyone that was born in the same year as.... DESPERADOS! 1995! YESYES, DESPERADOS IS 20YEARS OLD!

with all the lovely influencers!

after completing the all challenges, it's play time!
J & myself went to all the different haunted houses and sat all the rides!
thank god we had express passes, bcos the queueing time was seriously insane! up to 2 hours of waiting time for the normal queue!

We managed to finish all the haunted houses, rides and even had dinner/supper at Diners within the time! I doubt we will be able to finish everything without the express passes! the crowd is crazy, especially on a weekend!
headed back to the room, enjoyed some movies with our Desperados beer, and knocked out.
Such a fun-filled weekend for both J and myself!

I have no doubt you guys can have such enjoyable fun too! 
especially when you head down to HHN5 and do not have to queue for taxis to go home..
the Desperados Team is very nice & they are giving away a night stay at HARD ROCK HOTEL!
all you have to do is to answer a simple True or False question on Desperados Facebook page that I will link below!

Desperados is a tequila flavoured beer: True or False
Answer this question and tell Desperados why you deserve to win a Halloween staycation at the Hard Rock Hotel in RWS.

Contest period is from 16th to 19th October 2015

(click here for contest post!)

Goodluck guys! 

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