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Monday, March 14, 2016

Bangkok! #travelwithzeng

This is a very overdued post, but I'm still gna do it just to spice my site up!
Last month, J and myself went to Bangkok with a few friends to chill and celebrate Vday as well.
J went a day earlier than me as I had school. so yep, I went over to BKK alone to find him!
It was my first time flying all by myself, mixed feelings though. I enjoy it but at the same time I felt quite lonely having to sit with strangers, but it's all good because we sit in buses and trains with strangers all the time!

I went to the airport straight after my class that day, thank god Alicia was free to accompany me for a meal before I depart. Thanks babe if you're reading this, love you so much!

As soon as I arrived, I quickly hurried off to get a SIM card to contact both J and my sis, & took a cab down to our hotel, Baiyoke Sky!
*I was hesitant to go there because I heard many creepy stories about the hotel, but I didn't had a choice as J already booked it :/*
When I reached the hotel, I get to put my luggage down and all. *speaking of which, I should totally get a new, bigger, and lighter luggage..*
But.. The view was breathtaking!

Met up with my sis and her bf for dinner, but it was running late (around 9+), and the place we were suppose to eat at was closing, so we just went to central world for Thai food!

The moment when they started ordering the dishes, I was lost, they speak Thai so well..
I need to learn how to speak and understand what it all meant!

After dinner, we were suppose to eat After You (I was craving for it), but again, by the time we finished having our dinner, it was closed already.. HOW SAD.

They sent me back to the hotel and went off.
I went to have a quick wash up and then we headed out with some of his friends for a night out!
(oh gosh. we were out every night. I don't know how can we manage that.)

The 2nd day, we woke up pretty late, but as usual I didn't want to waste our 'holiday' so I woke up slightly earlier than him, 2-ish? & told him to meet me at Platinum Mall when he wakes up!

SO YEY! I went shopping alone at the Pratunam Market just around our hotel and slowly making my way to Platinum. Along the way I bought a few stuff for my FYP (yes, I'm on a mini holiday, but I was still thinking about school.)
J woke up and met me at Platinum and we went to shop while waiting for the rest to have lunch together.

As soon as we met the others, we went to the foodcourt at the mall to eat!
Erica recommended us to have the meatball ricenoodle soup, so we tried it! I had the tomyum one while J had the original flavoured. It was Ok only eh. hahah

After our meal, we went off to shop! We the girls went to shop ourselves while the guys went off to Siam square for their shopping.
Met up with the guys back at Plat after their shopping.

We all went back to our hotel and put all our barang-barangs down. J and myself went for a massage just outside our hotel(after all the walking, shopping and carrying of all the shopping bags)! Thank god Baiyoke Sky has everything around it, and we did not have to travel just for a massage.

Felt so much better after our traditional thai massage, we went back up to our hotel for a quick shower and headed out for dinner with the rest! The weirdest thing is we knew that we are going out for dinner, but we ate our newly-favourite cupnoodle before that. SUPER YUMMY!

After dinner, we headed out to party once again!

Afterwards, we went back to hotel, and by the time we reached our hotel, the vendors/stores at the morning market were already getting ready for business!

So thank god I was still semi-awake, not drunk at all, so I went down for some shopping, while J fell asleep because he fell sick.
While I was shopping, I didn't realise that J spam called me! Because I didn't bother checking my phone, all I wanted to do was shop!
The next thing I knew was, someone hugging me from the back. I got the shock of my life! It was J, & I 'scolded' him for not resting at the hotel, & he 'scolded' me for making him so worried! hahah
The Crazy part is that the morning market was huge AF & was filled with people, BUT HE MANAGED TO FIND ME! wow kudos!

I went back to the hotel, & bought a packet of warm basil pork rice for him, BUT. HE WAS DEEPLY ASLEEP. so I just slowly fell asleep..

In the morning, when he woke up, I realised he was having a bad fever, & was sick, so I decided to head down to the lobby to get him some vitamin C drink, but it was quite difficult to choose bcos he is quite picky with his choice of food/drinks. hence, I bought 100plus, apple juice and orange juice, to let him pick.
We order room service bcos he was too weak to move around ):

it was 14 Feb that day, we headed out for dinner and did some mini-shopping.

so thankful to have him in my life.. 
He has always been there for me. 
Thanks J,

met up with the rest & had dinner at a Japanese restaurant..

after dining at central world.
we decided to head down to a night market!

fell in love with this place.. 
this night market is located at Din Daeng
everything was so vintage, 

4 of us shared this hugeass bowl of Wanton Mee,
& we cant finish..

after that we headed back to the hotel, get ready & headed out once again.
ohyes, at the night market i started having really bad running nose.. 
it was horrible.

that night, It's my turn to fall really sick.. 
I was so tired & weak.
no appetite, but I still force myself up & out to Chatuchak.
& of cos never will we miss our favourite Thai food!

I've never been to True love cafe, 
& we didn't manage to see the huskies bcos we were too late..
while the rest were already done eating and checking out the doggies.

Prolly my first time taking the BTS in bkk, 

it was our last day in bkk, we wanted to extend.. but I had school, 
& we have no choice but to head back home.

please send me back to bkk with this bunch!
really enjoyed my trip with them, especially my BAE J!


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