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Sunday, December 13, 2015


Last Saturday we went for an impromptu getaway to JB,
just to put all the stress aside, and enjoy all the food there!
We reached JB at around 6pm?
& walked around KSL & J got me this cute phone case.

We went to have a massage @ Bangkok Spa, miss BKK alr, can't wait to go there soon!

We booked a night stay at Waterfront Berjaya!
Top- Cotton On
Outerwear- CarrisLabelle
Shorts- online
Bag- Shopkysse
Cap- Cotton On
Phone case- KSL

Thank you J for taking time off to bring me around.
(I've been whining to him every single time telling him that I want to go for a short getaway, bcos school is seriously driving me crazy..)

We had an awesome dinner at Khye Cheang Seafood @ the Zon.

After our meal, we back to the hotel room to relax before we head out for a drink!

What's one thing you can't miss out when you're at MSIA?
LOKLOK! I'm craving for it right now :(

The view from our room!

After checking out, we went to a Bak Kut Teh store opposite KSL to have our lunch!

Headed down to Cityplaza and did some window shopping!

& of cos more food!
I cannot stop eating..

J still brought back some donuts, & me being me, stole one from him :P
*hint, I go nuts for anything that is OREO/cookies and cream flavoured!

It was a fulfilling day for us and obviously my stomach had the best time of her life!
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